1. Mail surveys on landowner and business strategies for managing energy impacts

Two mail surveys in 4 case study counties (one each in the four plays) that have experienced significant boom and subsequent adjustment.

  • Landowner – randomly select 250 landowners in each of the four counties by drawing a 1,000 foot circle around longitude-latitude data on wells and identifying landowners within these radii
  • Business – randomly select 400 businesses operating in each county using commercially available listings of businesses

2. Case studies of agricultural impacts and mitigation strategies

Two case studies in each of the three regions will be developed to address five themes: the type of impact, the development of a monitoring and mitigation plan, expectations and discoveries about responsibilities for monitoring and mitigation, participant perspectives on implementation and outcomes, and project financial details.

  • Development of each case study involves primary document review and stakeholder interviews (N=12-16 for each of the 6 case studies) including landowners, agricultural stakeholders, industry, regulatory authorities and or local government recruited via purposive sampling. 90-minute interviews will be conducted using semi-structured interview format