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  1. Accessing a Deceased Person's Financial Accounts. (MT200301HR) (2017) [Order Online]
    Describes how heirs of a deceased person can access his/her financial accounts, depending on whether the accounts were owned jointly with other individuals, had payable-on-death or transfer-on-death designations, or had no designated beneficiary.
    • Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property (PDF Version) Revised March 2020

  2. Montana Common Law Marriage & Estate Planning (MT201408HR) (2019) [Order Online]
    Explores Montana common law marriages from an estate planning perspective. Topics include: The definition of common law marriage, what establishes a common law marriage, what documentation is necessary for a common law marriage, and what amount the surviving spouse of a common law marriage inherits.
  3. Transferring Real Property Owned in a Joint Tenancy or in a Life Estate Without Probate [Order Online]
    (MT201606HR) (2016)
    Describes the process when real property is owned as joint tenants or is subject to a life estate, the distribution method is determined by Montana Law.