Download Resources (PDF)

  1. Glossary of Estate Planning Terms. MSU Extension MontGuide (MT200202HR) (2019)  [Order Online]
    Provides definitions of some of the estate planning terms used in MSU Extension Estate Planning MontGuides. Keep this glossary close by in case you come across an unfamiliar term.

  2. Dying Without a Will in Montana: Who Receives Your Property? MSU Extension MontGuide (MT198908HR) (2019) [Order Online]Includes legal terms and detailed examples of possible scenarios for distribution of property should a person die before writing a will in Montana. 

  3. Dying Without a Will in Montana Interactive Website: Who receives your property if you pass away without a written will? Use this website to discover how your property will be distributed under Montana law if you are a Montana resident and if you pass away without a written will (as do 7 out of 10 Americans).  This website has been updated to reflect changes made by the 2019 Legislature effective October 1, 2019.  

  4. Dying Without a Will in Montana CD
    If you find your Internet is "slow" downloading the information from the website above you may wish to receive our CD containing the same information. We can also send a CD to friends, relatives, or colleagues whom you also think would be interested in what happens to their property if they die without a will.

  5. Montana Common Law Marriage & Estate Planning MSU Extension MontGuide (MT201408HR) (2019) [Order Online]
    Explores Montana common law marriages from an estate planning perspective. Topics include: The definition of common law marriage, what establishes a common law marriage, what documentation is necessary for a common law marriage, and what amount the surviving spouse of a common law marriage inherits.
  6. Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started. MSU Extension MontGuide (MT199508HR) (2017)  [Order Online]
    Explains how--and why---to arrange for the future distribution of your property in Montana.