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  1. Top Ten Estate Planning Actions for Montanans

  2. Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started. (MT199508HR) (2017)  [Order Online]
    Explains how--and why---to arrange for the future distribution of your property in Montana. 

  3. Talking With Aging Parents About Finances (MT199324HR) (2017) Order Online
    Gives advice for dealing diplomatically with family finance issues.

  4. Property Ownership. (MT198907HR) (2019) [Order Online]
    Describes the three main forms of property ownership in Montana, plus real-life examples of estate settlement for each.

  5. Life Estate:  A Useful Estate Planning Tool. (MT200510HR) (2015) [Order Online ]
    Explains how to allow someone to possess property during his/her lifetime before the estate passes on to another person or organization. 

  6. Life Insurance: An Estate Planning Tool. (MT199211HR) (2018) [Order Online]
    Explains when life insurance should be part of a family's estate plan. 

  7. Letter of Last Instructions. (MT198904HR) (2017) [Order Online]
    Explains what should be included in a letter of last instructions to assist survivors after the death of the writer. 
    • Letter of Last Instructions Worksheet: (2017) A worksheet to fill in the necessary information to help prepare the Letter of Last Instructions that pertains to your situation. (WORD File) 

  8. Estate Planning for Families with Minor and/or Special Needs Children. (MT199117HR) (2018) [Order Online
    Explains how to provide for children's physical and financial care in case of parents' death. Includes special instructions concerning special needs children and stepchildren. 
  9. Transferring Your Farm or Ranch to the Next Generation. (EB 149) (2016)  [Order Online]
    Includes sections on starting a conversation with family members who are in denial or reluctant to discuss the situation; how to pinpoint your own and family members' expectations; identifying what is important to each generation; and options for ownership. Several worksheets are included to help both parents and adult children identify their goals and expectations.