Montana 4-H has proudly partnered with NorthernAg Network and Northern News Network to highlight the contributions and accomplishments of 4-H members across the state.  

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Living the 4-H Principles

Each month, three members are selected from across Montana (western, central, and eastern) for the 4-H Member Spotlight. Youth are nominated because they exemplify the principles of 4-H:

Head –  

4-H'ers demonstrate learning and an aptitude for personal growth in their 4-H projects or in other capacities. They use this mindset to better themselves, their club, community, country, or world. 

Heart –  

4-H'ers demonstrate leadership, loyalty, and the six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) for themselves, their club, community, country, or world. 

Hands –  

4-H'ers act as informed citizens: They give to others in their club and community to serve their community, country, or world. 

Health –  

4-H'ers demonstrate dedication to maintaining mental and physical health as well as the health of their club, community, country, or world. 



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4-H Member Spotlights: May 2024

We are proud of the learning, leadership, service, and citizenship these Montana 4-H youth exemplify as they enrich our Montana communities.  

Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments. 





Brynn Spinner

Brynn Spinner

Eastern Region

Brynn Spinner is involved in many projects, including western horsemanship, working ranch horse, English horsemanship, dairy goat, swine, quilting, and scrapbooking.  

She is dedicated to her 4-H projects and a dedicated learner. Spinner takes all opportunities to learn skills from those around her. She is always willing to lend a helping hand despite the task. Her enduring and positive attitude is a bright spot in any situation. 

She is, above all, generous. At the start of her swine project, an unfortunate situation resulted in the death of her market swine. She faced the adversity and took it in stride by donating her replacement hog to her school lunch program.  

Spinner prioritizes her own and her community's health by donating locally-grown pork to her school. She is a helping hand in all situations, passionate about her projects, and an active community member. Her perseverance and generosity are inspiring to those around her as she embodies what it means to be a 4-H member. 

Emilia and Elizabeth Doyon

Emilia and Elizabeth Doyon 

Central Region

Emilia Doyon is enrolled in photography, embroidery, crochet, and quilting. Elizabeth Doyon is enrolled in knitting, sewing, and shopping in style. 

Both Emilia and Elizabeth are leaders within their counties. This is apparent with their involvement as junior leaders at the Cascade County 4-H Camp and when they facilitate events. They organize service projects for their club, which showcases their ability to lead others to serve.  

The Doyon twins are kind and compassionate and are constantly offering a helping hand to others without being asked. They are each unique in their own ways and yet offer the same amount of kindness.  

Emilia and Elizabeth Doyon can be found on the dance floor at every 4-H event that offers one. They exude positivity and make sure everyone has a chance to be included in the fun. They consistently look for ways to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Their tender hearts and caring nature prove to be their biggest strength in leading others.  

Colton Kuka

Colton Kuka

Western Region

Colton Kuka is involved in countless activities that give him the opportunity to lead in his community. He has served as President of his club, allowing him to promote youth involvement and connect with families in the 4-H community.  

He is able to connect with others and willing to advocate for youth, especially in 4-H. Kuka has taken his leadership skills and demonstrated the “Heart” and “Hands” of the 4-H philosophy by offering his time and knowledge to teach other members livestock handling skills in Hill County and members of other 4-H clubs across Flathead County. Many of these members greatly increase their knowledge and go on to receive honors like Grand and Reserve champions. 

Kuka is a leader in the 4-H community and in his school. His varsity wrestler status gives him opportunities to lead within his team and share his positive attitude with others. He is an advocate for all things he is passionate about and represents a true leader. 


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