Montana 4-H includes a special program for youth five to seven years old called Cloverbuds. Youngsters in the Cloverbud project work with other children on selected 4-H activities from a structured curriculum that is fun, hands-on and discovery-oriented. Youth of this age group enroll ONLY in this project and all activities are non-competitive. Youth can explore horse and other animal projects, but can’t enroll in them. Through Cloverbuds, children can develop age-appropriate skills and abilities. Guidelines for this project are different from those of the traditional 4-H program. The agent and volunteer manual provide necessary information and guidelines for conducting a Cloverbud program.

New project books are available for Cloverbuds. Each 4-H Activity Book is designed to be used for 1 year. You can rotate through the books in the 3 years a member may be a Cloverbud. The Cloverbud Activity Book is designed to introduce Cloverbuds to many different 4-H areas. The
booklets provide activities in Animal Sciences/Animal Life, Expressive Arts, Family, Home, Health, Science and Natural Resources. The record
sheet is included in the project book.


4-H Cloverbud Activity Book A
4-H Cloverbud Activity Book B
4-H Cloverbud Activity Book C

L  Cloverbud Completion Certificate
L  Cloverbud Leader and Agents Guide, 5274