Hosting Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Montana families to experience another culture in-depth by hosting a foreign delegate. Every summer, foreign youth delegates come to the United States for one month. Families welcome these youth into their homes providing room, board and a loving atmosphere. Families that want a longer experience can host a year-long, high school student from Japan, Korea, Mexico, or a Eurasian country. Hosting a 4-H International Program for Young Adults (IPYA) delegate is another way to get involved. IPYA delegates are 18-30 years old and come from primarily European countries to learn about rural farm and ranch practices.

Outbound Programs

Since 1948, young people from the United States have traveled to countries on almost every continent. 4-H age youth travel for one summer month to a country of their choice. Former Montana 4-H members, ages 18-30, live and work for three or six months with a series of host families in a country of their choice. In exchange, Montana families host delegates (see Hosting Opportunities for more information). This in-depth cultural experience is unique because participants truly "learn by doing."

  • Summer Outbound Opportunities (not all countries are available every year): Japan, South Korea, Finland, Norway, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Taiwan, Argentina, and IPYA
  • Montana 4-H International Program for Young Adults (IPYA) Opportunities: U.K., Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Greece, Estonia, Luxembourg, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Botswana. Other countries not listed may be a possibility as well
Country Guides (developed and updated by IPYA delegates) to supplement IPYA presentations/reporting
For more information regarding this program please contact Dave Brink, [email protected].