Independent study is for any youth looking for new challenges and opportunities in4-H. This allows a member to explore topics that have not been investigated while remaining enrolled in a 4-H project. Members enrolling in the independent study phase of a project should develop a detailed learning plan for their work. They should identify an area of interest within the project area, set goals and locate resources (people, publications, materials) to carry out a project plan. They then determine specific experiences needed to accomplish project goals, set a realistic timeline for completion, carry out the project learning plan, share experiences with others, evaluate outcomes and determine what could be improved.


The individualized learning plan should be approved by a parent, 4-H adult volunteer leader or 4-H agent. For assistance in developing a personal learning contract, use Design Your Own project materials or other goal-setting materials. While independent study provides flexibility and creativity, it also requires serious planning, implementation and evaluation.


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