Applicant’s Name                                                                                    Award Area                                                                          




Communication (20 points)

  • Use of a variety of communication skills (written,
  • oral, presentation etc.)
  • Information provided describes scope and
  • significance of communication
  • Variety of local,county, and  state  audiences
  • Communication  is above and beyond  what is
  • expected of regular club work



Project Goals (10 points)

  • At least three goals per year are provided
  • Goals are clear and relate to project area
  • Clear description of achievement/Not for each goal
  • Display of growth over time in project area



Learning (25 points)

  • Clear description of what has been learned and how
  • the knowledge was obtained.
  • Evidence of personal initiative, innovation and
  • problem solving.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to learn from
  • resources other  than  of  project materials.
  • Exhibits of  applied  growthover time



Leadership (25 points)

  • Clear description of leadership opportunities
  • Evidence of assisting and being part of a team and
  • taking initiative by implementing programs and
  • projects.
  • Demonstration of cooperation, assistance to others,
  • and leading.
  • Taking opportunities to share what has been learned
  • in project area.
  • Exhibit of growth over time
  • Leadership is above and beyond what is expected of
  • regular club work.



Citizenship & Service (20 points)

  • Evidence that the community has benefited or
  • improved as a result of work with project area
  • Worked cooperatively with other community
  • organizations, groups or individuals
  • Showed capacity for civic engagement within project
  • area, 4‐H and beyond.
  • Community served above and beyond what is
  • expected of regular club work.



4‐H Story (25 points)

  • Illustrates what the project area has done for them
  • and what they have done with the project.



Photo Pages (5 points)

  • Pictures illustrate a variety of project work over time
  • Captions enhance description of photos.
  • Pictures illustrate learning, leadership,
  • communication and community service.

Creative Work (20 points)

  • Relates directly to project area
  • Clearly exhibits passion for the project area
  • Creative presentation of learning and knowledge of
  • project area

Overall Organization


 *Please provide constructive comments for youth to improve in the future.