During the second general session of Montana 4-H Congress LIVE, talented 4-H'ers from across Montana will have a chance to show their stuff

Do you have a stand up act, a musical talent, can you ride a unicycle while juggle?

If you have a talent you would like to share with your Montana 4-H peers, please follow the instruction below and submit your video. 


  1. Record a 3 to 4 minute MAX video of you preforming your talent. Try to record a video with the best sound and video quality you have access to with limited background noise.
  2. Upload the video as UNLISTED to YouTube.
  3. Complete the submission form [button below] to turn in your video. 


  • All, pre-recorded, talent will be shared during the second general session Wednesday July 8 during the second general session.
  • Talent videos will be introduced randomly throughout the session and virtual audience will have an opportunity to vote on their favorites, however this is not a formal competition.
  • The talent showcase is all in good fun to share with each other and connect members. 
  • All members that submit a video and present their talent will receive a special gift. 

If you have questions regarding the 2020 Congress LIVE talent showcase please email [email protected]