UPDATED 6/1/2023



The Montana 4‐H State Ambassador program provides opportunities for youth to represent 4‐H through leadership and service at the state level. State Ambassadors Officers are a select team of Montana 4‐H Ambassadors that have demonstrated leadership in their county 4‐H programs, and who are interested in developing and refining skills to teach other 4‐H youth about leadership, promotion and service.

Learn more about what Ambassador Officers do, officer job descriptions


The State Ambassador program is a time‐intensive program and requires full participation in all required event activities in order to adequately fulfill their role.

Key expectations include:

  • To uphold and abide by the Montana 4‐H Code of Conduct throughout the duration of their appointment as a State Ambassador Officer, beginning on the first day of Orientation in July.
  • To participate in 100% of all required State Ambassador Officer events and activities. (schedule on page 3) To be a positive role model to and representative of all youth involved in Montana 4‐H.
  • To be willing to work with team members to establish and meet objectives.
  • To be responsible for providing or arranging their own transportation to all activities/events with support from team advisors.
  • To be prompt in response to emails and other forms of communication To be willing to engage in a youth‐adult partnership model of leadership.

The Montana 4‐H Ambassador Officer Team is financially supported by the Montana 4‐H Foundation with a budget for travel and expenses. Gas and meals are reimbursed when traveling for official team activities. The officers and/or their families will not be financially responsible for registration or lodging at required events.


The Montana 4‐H State Ambassador program is a youth development program that strives to exemplify the ultimate in youth citizenship & leadership in Montana. Those interested in applying for the officer team should:

  • Self‐starter, always motivated to do their best with minimal instruction
  • Someone who is willing to go above and beyond without being asked
  • Be interested in developing and/or enhancing skills related to leadership, such as: conflict resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision‐making, respect, and communication
  • Be able to accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance their own skills and the strength of the team Be willing to explore and apply diverse concepts of leadership, service and promotion.
  • Have basic skills in teaching others, facilitating discussions, and public speaking. Comfortable talking to large groups


  1. Must be a current registered county ambassador who will be in high school during the coming
  2. Must be willing to devote the time necessary to become an effective State Ambassador
  3. Fulfill all Montana State Ambassador qualifications as outlined in the 4‐H Ambassador


  1. Submit your completed Montana 4‐H Ambassador Officer application form by June 15. 


The following questions are asked on the application:

  • 4-H information: 4-H Age (Age on October 1), Years in 4-H (including the current year) and Years enrolled as County 4-H Ambassador.
  • School information: Grade in school and current cumulative GPA. 
  • The ambassador officer team is highly engaged in teamwork. What is your greatest strength working as a part of a team and what is your greatest weakness?
  • What are three of your accomplishments as a Montana 4‐H County Ambassador? What was the most rewarding aspect of being a county ambassador? 
  • If your best friend was asked to describe you, what would they say in three words. 
  • How would you describe 4‐H to a possible funder? What do you think is the greatest contribution 4‐H makes your community?
  • Why are you interested in being a member of the Montana 4‐H Ambassador Officer Team? What would you bring to the team and what would you hope to get out of the experience?
  1. Submit two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a person associated with 4‐H. One letter must be from someone who is not associated with 4‐H. Neither letter can be from someone who is directly related to the candidate. These letters will be shared with each member of the selection committee.

Letters of recomendation can be submitted in two ways:

  • Mailed by the writer, attention “Ambassador Officer Application”, State 4‐H Office, 210 Taylor Hall, Bozeman MT 59717.
  • Emailed to [email protected]. Please have subject line read "Ambassador Officer Recomendation for [your name]"


  1. Interview will be conducted by a selection committee at Montana 4‐H Congress. The interviews will not conflict with participation in congress
  2. The selection committee will include the following 14 people: TWO retiring state officers

ONE representative from State 4‐H Council

ONE representative from State Foundation

ONE county agent or other representative as chosen by the State office. ONE representative from each of the (8) Montana 4‐H Districts

ONE Collegiate 4‐H member

The committee is advised by a retired State Ambassador officer and the State 4‐H office.

Montana 4‐H is committed to ensuring that the Ambassador program is represented by an officer team made up of youth who are exceptional in their leadership and service skills, and can professionally represent the entire Montana 4‐H Youth Development Program. Additionally, applicants will be scored on the application’s written questions, interview, presentation, and recommendations.


  • Based on the information provided by the nominee’s application, letters of recommendations, and interview, the selection committee will present their nominations for the 5 state officers to all voting ambassadors at the Ambassador
  • This nomination must be passed by a majority
  • If the nomination fails it will be returned to the selection The new nomination will be accepted as presented.


Ambassador Officers should schedule these dates at the beginning of the year in order to attend all of the required events and activities. If conflicts exist, the expectation is that they be made known during the officer retreat in September. It is expected that being a state officer is a priority and should exhibit a high level of commitment to the officer team.

  • Officers will attend one conference call a month
  • Officers will spend a minimum of 2+ hours a week on Officer
  • Officers will plan/facilitate/attend one activity or event of their own choosing ATLEAST once a




Various county fairs throughout the state (Officers discretion)


Ambassador Officer Retreat (REQUIRED)


Montana 4-H Foundation Events and Board Meeting (REQUIRED for Foundation Trustee, Optional but prefered for other team members.)


20-22: Ambassador Fall Training – TBD (Billings or Bozeman)  (REQUIRED)





TBA: Montana 4-H Legislative Breakfast or Winter Retreat (REQUIRED)             

TBA: MT 4-H Council Meeting - (Council Representative Only)

TBA: MAGIE and KMON Great Falls Ambassador Officer Retreat (REQUIRED)


TBA: Foundation Meeting - (Foundation Trustee Only)


TBD end of month Rec Lab, District 3  REQUIRED)


TBA: Spring Officer Retreat (REQUIRED) Before making any travel arrangements for other trips please consult the team


7-9 Pre Congress – Bozeman (REQUIRED)

9-12 Congress – Bozeman (REQUIRED)

 *These dates are subject to change and there will be many more events (ex: board meetings, conference calls, etc.).