Guide the overall organization of the club, help it function smoothly and maintain communications among the member families, the club and the county. Be the primary club contact person with the MSU Extension county staff.

Success Criteria

The club goals are met. Members and leaders are informed of club and county activities. The club activities provide the youth with a varied, cooperative, and fun approach to learning.


  • Complete certification process for Montana 4-H Volunteer Leaders
  • Help members select projects
  • Turn in enrollment forms for members and leaders to the Extension Office in a timely manner
  • Help club officers prepare meeting agendas, learn leadership skills, and carry out their other duties
  • Help club members set annual goals and plan the yearly program and activities, including community service and service learning opportunities
  • Secure and distribute project manuals and other resources for members and leaders
  • Conduct group activities and events with risk management plans for each
  • Share information about activities with club members and
  • Maintain regular and timely contact with the county Extension staff
  • Attend trainings and keep up-to-date on county and state events
  • Report enrollment and other requests to the Extension office
  • Help other club leaders plan and implement learning experiences with members and families
  • Assist youth in recognizing other volunteers and supporters of the club

Time Required

10 to 15 hours monthly (depends on club size and activities) through the 4-H year, October to September.

Resources Available    

Montana 4-H Leaders Handbook

The Montana 4-H Clover Project Selection

Guide Montana 4-H Youth Officer Trainings

Yearly 4-H Club Program Plan

Club Officer Resources: President & Vice President Handbook; Secretary’s Handbook; Treasurer’s Handbook; Treasurer’s Fillable Forms; So You Are Historian of Your 4-H Club; News Report’s Handbook

Parliamentary Practice for 4-H Yearly 4-H Club Program Plan

Training Opportunities

Orientation, training, guidance, and support from MSU Extension county staff. Support and assistance from other leaders, mentors, volunteers and parents. County, District, State and Western Region trainings and workshops

Report To                

MSU Extension Agent(s) and office in your county

For Questions Contact

MSU Extension office in your county