Guide to Completing the Online Volunteer Orientation

zsuite personal profile image

1. Log into your ZSuite Account

2. Select the profile of the volunteer that is taking the (See image 1)

sidebar of zsuite navigation.

3. Click on Clover Academy from the menu on the left. (See image 2)

zsuite navigation to volunteer orientation

4. Click on the blue box “Launch Clover Academy”. (See image 3)

5. You will be taken to the Clover Academy website.

image of first volunteer orientation

6. Scroll down to find the Montana 4-H Orientation Click on “Enroll Now”. (See image 4)

all volunteer slides

7. On the course page you will see an overview of the course. Scroll down to see the four modules that make up the orientation. Click the blue box “See More” under module one. (See image 5)

8. Follow the instructions to navigate the course.

completion slide for volunteer orientation

9. When you get to the end of the module, (Slide will say you completed module). Scroll down and click on the blue box “Mark as Complete”. (See image 6) Box will turn blue once you have completed the module. 

10. Select the next lesson to load the next module. Your progress will be saved and you can return later to complete the remaining modules.