Click here for a PDF of the Project Award Checklist

The Project Award Checklist is turned in at the end of the 4-H year, along with a completed record book. This checklist helps leaders determine if a member earns a disc or a certificate for each project that year. 

If it is your first year in a project, you must complete 2 electives to be eligible for a disc.  

If you have been in the project for 2 to 5 years you must complete 3 electives to be eligible for a disc..

For 6+ years in a project, you must complete 4 electives to be eligible for a disc..  

If you complete your record book, but not enough electives, you will only receive a certificate.  

Electives Options: 

1. Complete the required number of activities in the project book as listed in the 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide under each project description. If a project book is not turned in with your checklist, a detailed record book journal can be used which must include a full description of what happened and was learned.

2.Exhibit at least one entry from this project in the Broadwater County Fair.

3. Participate in three project learning experiences such as workshops, trainings, clinics, field trips, etc.

4. Give a presentation on the project.  This can be done at school, 4-H activity or other public area.  

5. Take part in leadership experiences such as assisting with workshops, organizing an activity, helping another member, etc. Members should have at least two leadership experiences to qualify for this elective.

6. Participate in a service activity related to project such as donating blankets to someone in need, assisting at a dog show, working at a soup kitchen, etc.

7. Other approved activity 

8. Other approved activity

 Other approved activity examples include an animal educational display, indoor auction item, state or national participation, or other activities that go above and beyond the basic expectations.  Activities must be verified by a leader to quality using the record book or other means.