Towns in Broadwater COunty

MSU Extension in Broadwater County is involved in a variety of community development efforts to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities and address community development issues identified by residents.  Topics include:

  • Community Strategic Planning
  • Local Governance
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Economic & Business Development
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Certified Real Colors Facilitation


Townsend is the county seat and only incorporated city in the county.  Located at the heart of the county, it has a population of 1,878 according to the most recent census.  Check out the local website for community information.  There are also several other census designated places in the county:

  • Radersburg - Small town located in the southwest area of the county with a population of 66.  
  • Spokane Creek - Located in the northwest corner of the county, about 14 miles southeast of Helena, with a population of 355.
  • The Silos - Location on the west shore of Canyon Ferry Reservoir with a population of 506.
  • Toston - Small town located on the Missouri River south of Townsend with a population of 108.
  • Wheatland - Located at the southern tip of the county near Interstate 90 with a population of 568.
  • Winston - Small town located north of Townsend with a population of 127.