Who Needs a Private Applicator License?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pesticides as either "general use" or "restricted use".  General use pesticides are less likely to harm the user or the environment (when following the label) and anyone can buy and use them.  Restricted use pesticides generally can cause more user or environmental harm when not use as directed.  A license and continuing education are required to use restricted use pesticides.  Common examples of restricted use pesticides are Tordon and Rozol.

How do I get a Private Applicator License?

There are two ways to become certified for the first time:

  1. Test - Purchase the Pesticide Applicator Handbook and Montana Addendum ($20) to study and then schedule a time to take the test at the Extension Office.  It is an untimed open book exam.  You must get a 70% or higher to pass.
  2. Initial Pesticide Applicator Training - Receive the Pesticide Applicator Handbook and Montana Addendum and attend an all day training (at least 8 hours) to receive your license and participate in a group test.  A training fee may apply.

I used to have my license, but didn't renew.  Do I have to retest?

More than likely.  You have a period of time after the end of the cycle to renew.  If you do not do it during this time then your license will go inactive and you'll have to start all over.

How much does the license cost?

If you are getting a new license, the Montana Department of Agriculture will prorate the cost depending on the year within the cycle.  License fees were increased by House Bill 126 during the 2017 legislative session. When you renew at the beginning of the new cycle, the cost will be $60.  In 2023, Broadwater County is the fourth year of the cycle and the cost will be prorated to reflect that.   

How many credits do I need to recertify and how much time to I have?

Broadwater County is in region 2.  All private applicator licenses in our region will expire on December 31, 2024.  You must acquire six (6) credits by the end of the cycle to recertify.  These can be obtained by attending a program, online or by taking a closed book test by the end of the cycle.  To receive information about credit opportunities in the county, fill out the form to be added to our email list.  Usually several credit opportunities are provided in the county each year.  If you need to know how many credits you have, contact our office or use MDA's Applicator Search.

What do I do if I lost my license?

Contact MDA at 406-444-4900 to request a replacement license.

Where can I found more information?

An in-depth explanation can be found at the MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program.