Click here for a PDF of the Re-enrollment Letter


Greetings 4-H families!  It is hard to believe that another 4-H year is upon us and it’s time to begin re-enrolling!  Montana 4-H is using a new enrollment system this year called ZSuites.  Your basic enrollment data has been transferred using the primary family email associated with 4HOnline.  To re-enroll, follow the directions below.  Please re-enroll by November 1st to remain on the list to receive the 4-H newsletter and other communications.  

If you do not have internet access at home, we have a public computer at the office to help you through the process. Unlike 4HOnline, ZSuites is supposed to be more mobile friendly, but please don’t hesitate to stop by if you have any problems re-enrolling or wish to use the computer.  


To Re-enroll

1.       Go to 

2.       Click on “Sign Up”.

3.       Fill in the fields to set up FAMILY account. IMPORTANT - The adult email should match the Family email used in 4HOnline. This will ensure that the enrollment information will transfer.  Contact the Extension Office if you aren’t sure what email you used.  This email can be changed by the parent once the account is setup.

                The adult email and password will be the primary email associated with the account and used for anyone in the family to login to ZSuite in the future. The pin is used by parents only and is needed for enrollment of family members.  You will have the opportunity to add additional email addresses during the enrollment process.

4.       “Click Let's Go!”

5.       Each family member previously enrolled in 4HOnline should appear on the main screen in a colored box. Click “Enroll Now” next to each family member to go to their dashboard and begin enrollment. There is also an option to add a new family member. From the Dashboard, you can also create or view Record Books (if you choose to do them online), posted announcements and more.  At the end of the enrollment process, make sure to click “Submit” to submit your enrollment.  The enrollment will be reviewed by the Extension Office.  Once approved, the status for that family member will change to “active”. 

NOTE:  If you plan to take a market or breeding livestock project, you must select both an appropriate project level in ZSuites and the market or breeding project option.

If at any point you are having trouble, click the "CHAT" box at the bottom of their screen and chat with a ZSuite support person. You are also welcomed to contact the Extension Office.


4-H Project Selection

During the enrollment process in ZSuite, you will be asked to select your projects.  The 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide (aka the “Clover”) has been distributed by Club Leaders.  Use the Clover to read the descriptions and requirements of each project.  If you want to exhibit something at the Fair, then you must be enrolled in that project.  If you plan to take market or breeding livestock projects, you must select both an appropriate project level and the market or breeding project option.  Also keep in mind that you can change projects until May 1st.  


4-H Literature (aka “Project Books”)

As you select your projects, you will also be asked to select your books.  Use your Clover again to see a list of all project materials. The levels books are required (although you may not need a new one every year).  The resource handbooks, helper’s guides and other supplemental materials are optional and are often more expensive.    Please only select the project books that you truly need.


Enrollment Help Guide: 

Click here for a PDF of the Help Guide

Enrollment must be done annually to stay active in 4-H.  Members can be involved in multiple clubs, even in multiple counties.  A member profile is required to be able to register for 4-H.

Enrolling a club member into 4-H is quick and easy.  You MUST be signed in as the PRIMARY account to enroll members.

1) Once you log into your PRIMARY account, click the 'Enrollments' link in the left navigation menu.

2) In the Enrollments section, you will see a list of all household members and their current enrollment status.  (Note the background color of each member.  Red signifies inactive profiles, while green signifies a member that is currently enrolled.)

3) Note the button at the bottom of each profile.  The enrolled (green) profiles have an 'UPDATE ENROLLMENT' button, while the Inactive profiles (red) have an 'ENROLL NOW' button.  You can easily update profiles currently enrolled by clicking the 'UPDATE ENROLLMENT' button.
To enroll a profile into the current club year, click the 'ENROLL NOW' button under the red profile name.

4) Upon clicking the 'ENROLL NOW' button, you will see the enrollment wizard form.  

5)  If you need to leave, prior to finishing your enrollment, click the 'SAVE FOR LATER' link at the bottom right of the form so you will not have to re-enter the data you've already completed.

6) Your enrollment form will consist of several sections, based on your state requirements.  The section tab bar below highlights the section you're currently on.  Click 'NEXT' when you're done with a section.  Note that some fields are mandatory and you will not be allowed to move forward unless they are completed.

7) Some forms, like the WAIVERS section, require you to upload a completed scan of a signed form or to digitally type your name and date into the fields provided.  

8) The 'CLUBS' section allows you to choose the clubs you'll be participating in for the year.  You can choose more than one club, if desired.  The club drop-down list is populated based on the current county selected in the county drop-down list.  

9) Once you select a club, the club will appear in its own box at the bottom of the window.  Do not delete the boxes, by hitting the 'X' in the top right corner, unless you will not be participating in that club.  

10) If your state has an enrollment fee, you will handle this on the 'CHECKOUT' tab.  Any payment methods chosen by your state will appear as options on the page.  If your state does not have an enrollment fee simply click the 'SUBMIT' button to submit your enrollment.

11) Once your enrollment is completed, your county administrators will be contacted regarding your enrollment.  Your enrollment will be in a 'Pending Approval' state until approval from your county staff.

12) Once you're approved, your status will change to 'Active' 

Tips on Enrollment: 

  • 4-H age is based on the age of the member as of October 1st of the the current 4-H year. Ex. If a member is 11 on 10/1/2020 and turns 12 on 10/2/2020- that member is considered to be 11 for the full 2020-2021 4-H year
  • Cloverbuds- members under the age of 8 are enrolled as Cloverbuds. This is the only project they enroll in. Members who are 8, have the option to enroll as either a Cloverbud, or a traditional member.
  • If a member is signing up for a livestock or breeding project, they must also enroll into a project level also. Ex. If a member wants to take breeding beef, the must also enroll into beef- level 1 (or 2 or 3).