Monday, August 1st

5:00 PM  Livestock Committee Meets      

6:00 PM All members report to Fairgrounds to set up Livestock Building and Indoor Exhibit Building

                Livestock Project Interviews begin


Tuesday, August 2nd

8:30 AM 4-H Indoor Judges Training

9:00 AM 4-H Indoor exhibits and all Animal Educational Displays judged in the Commercial Building

12:00 PM 4-H Indoor Silent Auction Form Due                       

1:00 PM 4-H Horse Show

6:30 PM 4-H Dog Show


Thursday, August 4th       

8:00 AM Barn Opens

8:30 AM - 11:00 AM Market Animal Weigh-in. All Animals Arrive.

10:00 AM Lamb & Goat Ultrasound

11:30 AM All County 4-H Members Assemble for Group Photo in Livestock Barn

                  Mandatory Youth Livestock Exhibitor & Parent/Guardian Meeting (directly following photo)

1:00 PM 4-H & FFA Small Animal Show (Cat, Pocket Pet, Rabbit, Poultry)


Friday, August 5th

8:00 AM 4-H & FFA Hog Show (Showmanship & Conformation) – Photos following show.

1:00 PM 4-H & FFA Sheep & Goat Show (conformation & showmanship) Photos following show.

5:00 PM 4-H Rabbit Agility Demonstration - under the Entertainment Tent


Saturday, August 6th

8:00 AM 4-H & FFA Beef Show (Showmanship, Conformation, Breeding) – Photos following show.

10:30 PM 4-H & FFA Round Robin Showmanship

3:00 PM 4-H & FFA Buyers’ Appreciation Dinner

3:30 PM 4-H & FFA Sale Announcements & Recognition (includes Indoor Awards)

4:00 PM 4-H & FFA Market Livestock Sale


Sunday, August 7th

12:00 PM Parade Begins

3:00 PM 4-H & FFA Animal Exhibits Released. Exhibitors may start loading animals after this time.

3:30 PM 4-H Indoor Silent Auction Closes

4:00PM 4-H & FFA Indoor Exhibits released. Must be picked up.

4:30 PM Indoor Exhibit Clean Up- Clubs must have representatives at the Exhibit Building to help move risers.


Monday, August 8th

9:00 AM Livestock Barn Clean Up