4-H Council Meeting Agenda 

6:00 pm - Closed Door Session for Awards Selection  

7:00 PM Flynn Building 

416 Broadway, Townsend

Call to Order


Public Comment 

Approval of Minutes


Treasurer’s Report

Discussion Items

Club Reports/Committee Reports

               Toston Blue Ribbon

               Old Baldy

               Winston Eager Beavers


               Radersburg Rattlers

               Crow Creek Clovers

                Rocky Mountain Rough Hands

               4-H Teen Club

                4-H Exchange Club

                Livestock Committee

                Indoor Committee


   Fair Report – any additional

    Strategic Planning - Tabled

   4-H 2023/2024 Enrollment Begins Oct 1

    Volunteer Registration

    Elections in October



Action Items 
                                  Achievement & Award Night Review

                                  National 4-H Week Review

                                  Financial Summary Reports

                                  Murdoch Grant $ - Discuss/Decision

                                  Silent/Live auction item for 4-H Foundation Emerald Evening – Discus/Decision


Information Items

This agenda is subject to change