Water Management

The Water Management team works to provide relevant resources and decision tools to support individuals seeking information about water quantity and quality considerations for a changing and variable climate.

This tool uses USGS streamgages to show locations currently experiencing flood, short-term flood forecasting, and experimental long-range river flooding risk.
Watershed or region-specific projections of annual or monthly changes in temperature, precipitation, snow, runoff, soil moisture storage, and evaporative deficit for future periods.
Temperature and precipitation outlooks from 3 days to 6 months.
Drought status by county in Montana, the Montana Drought Impact Reporter with interactive map, and other resources to help Montanans prepare for drought and other climate extremes.
North Dakota State University Extension provides this resource to 1) describe the drought indicators and response triggers that will be used to determine if drought response actions are needed and 2) to provide land owners and managers with a range of management options that will allow for a flexible and rapid response to drought.
This resource has been created to help you evaluate your drinking, livestock and irrigation water quality test results.
Information about preparation and response to well and septic system flooding.
Planning and development practices in flood prone areas that promote public safety.
This program helps well owners with water testing, results interpretation and shock chlorination of flooded wells.