Montanans who want to take the Remote Work Certificate program should apply directly to Utah State University Extension at the link below.

Montana State University Extension had offered the Remote Work Professional certificate program in partnership with Utah State University Extension but now, participants take the course directly through Utah at a reduced rate.


Link to Remote Work Certificate Program | Utah State University

A note from Community Vitality Program Leader, Tara Mastel on the decision to no longer provide the remote work program through MSU Extension.

"We believe that the course is well designed and provides much-needed education for Montanans unable to work in in-person environments due to distance or disability. More resources are needed to adequately serve the people seeking to find remote work including more intensive support of ROI graduates to translate their skills to the remote work environment, more support for graduates to identify and apply for remote jobs and connecting graduates of the remote work certificate course with Montana employers.

A heartfelt thank you to our program coordinators Jesse Fulbright, Juli Snedigar, Carrie Guderjahn, Janell Barber, Schuyler Germann, and Sharon Henderson for all the help with the course.  Well over 100 Montanans completed the program since we first started offering it in May of 2021. "