Young family standing in front of their home. Fly fisherman casting in the river. Group of hikers going toward the mountains.

A new report released by MT Department of Labor and Industry shows how many are moving into Montana with detail by county and by age.

Who are the newcomers and why are they coming?

People moving into Montana communities is nothing new. Newcomers have always replaced those that move away or pass away to stabilize or grow the total population of a community. 

The fast growth of Montana’s population has drawn our attention to this decades long trend. This study provides research-based information about our new neighbors.

Research objective:  Learn more about who is moving to Montana communities, why they are choosing these places and how satisfied they are once they arrive.
Top five reasons for moving to Montana communities:\
  1. To find a desirable natural environment (better access to the outdoors)
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  2. To find a less congested place to live
  3. To take advantage of a slower pace of life
  4. To live in a smaller community
  5. To find a safer place to live

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