Backpacking Tripbackpacking trip3                Overnight Backpacking Trip


The overnight backpacking trip is offered to all return campers based on a first 10 applications basis.  We will create a reserve list when applicable.  This opportunity starts one day before camp on Saturday, July 13th at noon and return Sunday the 14th at 2pm. Drop off at the Lubrecht Forest parking lot. 

This overnight backpacking trip is limited to only 10 campers per use restrictions of backcountry sites on national forest lands.  The trip will require an approximate 1hour drive from camp to the trail head of Clearwater Lake near Seeley Lake and the trail typically takes 2 hours to complete. 

Backpacks and sleeping bags can be provided, though if campers possess their own they are encouraged to bring them. Sturdy hiking shoes are required (running shoes do not qualify!) that offer good stable foot protection and traction. If new shoes are used campers are highly recommended to have worn them for at least 5 miles prior to backpacking (putting them on wet and walking them dry is a good way to break them in). This will prevent chances of blisters or foot abrasions as hiking up and down trails with weight is different than just walking.

Objectives for this trip are to have fun, experience an out-of-the-way place, learn the basics about packing for a trip (meals, drinking water, clothing, safety), and setting up a comfortable and functional camp with minimum impact to nature.  Often there are trout in the lake so campers may want to bring their fishing rods (only rods that can be taken apart to 4 feet or smaller - fly or spincast). Catch and release fishing will be allowed.  Swimming (water is typically quite cold) is also possible. A minimum of 2 adults (though typically 4) will accompany campers. Food is supplied.

 An additional fee of $50 applies to help cover travel, permits, equipment sanitation and food.

10 spaces are available. To be considered, please write a one page essay, double spaced explaining the following. Why do you want to go on the backpacking trip? What will you gain from the experience? What do you think you will learn? The essay will need to accompany the application and no letters after the July 7st deadline will be accepted.

The camping trip is contingent on enough interest