Containing existing populations, restoring rangeland severely degraded by invasive plants, and preventing the establishment of invasive plants in non-infested rangeland is critical to the ecological and economic integrity of western rangelands.  Improving rangelands that are currently impacted by invasive plants and maintaining the health of rangelands that are currently "weed-free" is an overarching goal of our lab.


Our lab works with researchers, Extension agents, public land managers, and land owners to develop, gather, and share information on invasive plant management that is based on our best understanding of ecology.  Information is available through Extension publications, presentations, workshops, and other outreach activities.


Research in our lab focuses on integrating tools (e.g. prevention; chemical, mechanical, and biological control; prescribed fire, revegetation) to manage invasive plants on rangeland in Montana.  We aim to find ecologically-based, economically viable means to control invasive plants while maintaining or restoring desirable vegetation that meets management objectives.