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Parenting Montana has lots of tools and resources to help you navigate parenting through all stages.

Active Parenting

The Active Parenting website provides information for parents and leaders.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Navigating Adolescences

Grandparents raising grandchildren find themselves in an interesting position as they are parenting “off time” meaning that their age group is typically finished with day-to-day parenting.

Discipline: A Parent's Guide for School Aged Children

This publication discusses how to guide your child’s behavior by setting a good example, establishing routines, using natural and logical consequences, being firm and using reminders.

Discipline: A Parent's Guide to Infants and Toddlers

Using positive discipline, parents provide the solid foundation children need to learn how to monitor their own behavior as they get older. Strategies covered in this guide include responding to needs, baby-proofing the house, redirecting attention and monitoring schedules.

Discipline: A Parent's Guide for Preschoolers

This guide discusses several discipline strategies parents and other caregivers
can use to help their preschooler learn appropriate behavior. Topics covered
include communicating expectations in a positive manner, presenting simple
choices, providing consistent routines, using time out sparingly and examining the
circumstances when misbehavior occurs.

Supporting a Child Who is Grieving

Whether you’re grieving, or you’re helping someone who is grieving, Dougy Center is here for you. Find tip sheets, activities, podcasts, and more through our personalized toolkits.

Montana 529 Plan (Minor College Savings Plan)

Being a parent comes along with cuts and bruises, spilled milk, sleepless nights, laughter and tears, uncertainties, and a whole lot of love. But with Achieve Montana, Montana’s 529 plan, saving for your child’s college education is simple. Our investment options are designed for tax benefits now and college savings for the future. Because you have other things to worry about right now – like enjoying every moment.

Montana Parent

The magazine’s content is provided by local writers with various areas of expertise who share knowledge about parenting, babies, toddlers, school-aged kids, teens and college students. We are dedicated to the next generation of southwest Montanans and hope to make your parenting journey the best we can.

Promoting Positive Social Media Use Among Youth

There have been mixed research results about the impacts of social media on youth, with some studies highlighting negative outcomes and other long-term studies showing no major negative outcomes. While it is not certain what the social media use impacts are on youth, some research highlights that youth expect parents and caregivers to monitor their use.

Bulllying Behavior Across Childhood

Bullying behavior is a serious and common problem that is a public health issue. Bullying can drastically affect the ability of children – bullies and victims alike – to progress emotionally, socially and academically. This publication explains what bullying is, discusses the interactions of bullies and their victims, and suggests how to respond to and reduce bullying.

Positive Family Communication

Good family relations are built on strong communication, helping create and keep strong family ties. This is true for how we talk with any family member. Communication is how we send and receive messages in ways that create understanding between individuals. It is what we say and how we say it.


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