Welcome to Montana municipal government! Through this six-week introductory course, participants will study the foundational elements of local government, including its purpose, laws, best practices, duties of elected and appointed officials, and much more. It is a great practical overview of municipal government in Montana for both new and experienced officials.* 

*This is a non-credit course offered through Montana State University Extension.


This course follows a six-week, semi-asynchronous format based on the Montana Municipal Officials Handbook, 3rd ed. Participants will complete one unit per week following posted deadlines and must complete the following steps for each unit prior to the weekly deadline: 

1. Read the assigned Handbook sections.

2. Complete the unit quizz.

3. Participate in the online discussion forums with one original post of at least 50 words and one response post.





If you haven't already done so, please create ONE eXtension account for all of your MSU Local Government Center online and hybrid education.** 

You cannot be registered for the course until you click the verification link referenced in the online account instructions.

**We CANNOT track education credits for one individual across multiple eXtension accounts.**

2.  Complete the registration form.

Click on the link and complete the registration form.


3.  Pay the course fee.

This course is $25.00 per participant.

Course fees must be paid by January 29th, 2024. Click on the link and complete course fee payment with a credit or debit card.

Course fees are only refundable if written cancellation is received by the MSU Local Government by January 29th, 2024. 


Once all three steps are complete, the MSU LGC will enroll you in the course and send you a confirmation email with course access information.


The Montana Municipal Officials Handbook, 3rd ed. can be viewed or downloaded from the MSU Local Government Center's website. Participants are welcome to download and print the handbook from the link below.




If you have questions about the online course, feel free to email Lydia Maunz at [email protected] or call 406.994.6695.