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MSU Extension agriculture and natural resources programs apply university research and resources to help agricultural producers and landowners increase profits, reduce loss, protect our food supply, and sustain future resources.

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    • Agriculture

      Extension programs contribute to Montana agriculture by increasing profits, reducing loss, protecting our food supply, and sustaining resources and quality of life for Montanans.
      Some services we offer include:

      Pest Management

      • Integrated Pest Management
      • Great Plains Diagnostic Network/Homeland Security
      • West Nile Virus/Blue Tongue Vector Program


      • Pest Management Training
      • Sustainable Agriculture
      • Alternative/Pulse Crops

      Livestock & Forage

      • Forage & Pasture Management Programs
      • Montana Beef Network
      • Montana Sheep Institute
      • Specialty Livestock Programs
        • Equine
        • Swine

      Ag Economics

      • Farm/Ranch Management
      • Ag Marketing
      • Ag Policy
    • Natural Resources

      Extension programs help Montanans sustain natural resources that are crucial to maintain both livelihoods and quality of life.
      Some services we offer include:


      • Forest Stewardship Program
      • Windbreak/Shelterbelt
      • Wildfire Hazard Reduction & Wildfire Recovery
      • Montana Logging Association Training
      • Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp
      • Forest Product Market Development


      • Stream and Riparian Area Education
      • Grazing Education
      • Noxious Weed Management
      • Undaunted Stewardship Program
      • Grazing Land Conservation Initiative


      • Wildlife Habitat & Wildfire Recovery
      • Hunter/Landowner Relations
      • Wildlife Damage Management


      • Montana Master Gardener Program
      • Yard & Garden Info, Tips, & GardenGuide Website


      • Integrated Pest and Weed Management

      Natural Resources

      • Water Quality
      • Soils & Soil Fertility
      • Small Acreage Landowner Education