Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit

Project Interview (required)


  • Use recipes from project books or a similar recipe. No packaged mixes unless it is specified in the project book.
  • Recipes must be included for each food item. Attach the recipe securely. For commercial mixes, paste directions on card and remove any reference to brand. 
  • Place smaller food items on a disposable plate enclosed in a resealable bag. Note how many items that are needed for each exhibit:  g. 1-3 cookies, 1 loaf, 2 scones, 1 cup chili or 1 dish of vegetables.
  • Food entries will be judged on appearance, texture and flavor except decorative items which will be judged on appearance. Entries that do not adhere to rules will be disqualified. All judge’s decisions are final.
  • Highly perishable food must be taken home after being judged, e.g. with dairy, eggs or meats.
  • Educational displays, posters and notebooks are encouraged as entries.
  • Members are encouraged to enter items in Open class Culinary.

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