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  • The goal of MME is to reduce waste by facilitating the reuse of materials that would otherwise go to landfills. MME seeks to help Montana businesses, institutions/organizations and government agencies reduce their disposal costs and find reusable items and feedstock materials for reduced or no cost.

    MME is designed for usable materials that would otherwise be discarded. Below are examples of acceptable listings. MME reserves the right to redirect listers to more appropriate sources when necessary. 

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  • Acceptable "Available" Listings:
    1: Businesses, government, or institutions/organizations interested in placing items that are potentially reusable to someone else, but for which recycling markets currently do not exist in your area. Examples include used items, business overruns, seconds, outdated inventory, empty containers, industrial byproducts etc. Individual exceptions may be made for marketable items being offered for free or below market value to schools, nonprofit organizations or government agencies.

    2: Businesses, government, or institutions/organizations interested in placing large and/or recurring quantities of recyclable (scrap) materials for which recycling markets are not yet established (such as some types of paper, plastics). These materials may be useable as feedstock for manufacturers, recyclers, or brokers. To determine if there are established recycling markets in your area check the yellow pages under Recycling or visit the "Where to Recycle in Montana" page on the Keep Montana Clean & Beautiful website.

    3: Individuals interested in offering items at significantly below market value or free for reuse by schools, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies.
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  • Acceptable "Wanted" Listings:
    1: Businesses, government, or institutions/organizations seeking used items. Examples include used office equipment, building materials, office and art supplies, etc.

    2: Manufacturers who are interested in obtaining feedstock materials for the manufacturing of their products.

    3: Professional recyclers and brokers interested in obtaining scrap materials.
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  • Unacceptable "Available" Listings: 
    1: Manufacturers/distributors/retailers of recycled content products interested in listing their products. 

    2: Professional recyclers and brokers interested in listing their products. Individual exceptions may be made for items that are not scrap materials, such as a closeout on containers, hangers, fixtures, or some other reusable item, especially if they are free, or free to schools, nonprofits and government agencies. 

    3: Anyone seeking to sell used items at market value, such as appliances, furniture, automobiles, etc. Those items with established resale markets would be better served by utilizing local advertising options.

    4: Anyone seeking to sell recyclable (scrap) materials with established recycling markets, such as cardboard and aluminum cans. To find buyers for such materials, we recommend contacting local solid waste management officials, checking the yellow pages under "Recycling", or visiting recycling directory on the Recycle Montana website. Exceptions include those materials suitable in form and quantity for reuse in arts and education applications.
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  • Special Services:
    MME will list specialized reuse and recycling services (see Useful Links) if they are:
    • free public services
    • nonprofit organizations
    • companies that donate a significant portion of their materials for reuse by schools, nonprofits, or government agencies (or act as a conduit for such donations)
    • if they offer unique information services to assist Montanans in the reuse and recycling of specialized materials
    • if they cater to specialized industries.
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  • Lister Responsibilities:
    Please respond to all inquiries.  Listers should edit or delete their listing or notify MME if their listing is no longer valid. Listers will receive e-mail messages annually to verify listings. Failure to respond will result in the listing being removed.

    Please take the time to report any SUCCESSFUL EXCHANGES by filling out the User Survey, sending an e-mail to MME staff. This feedback is absolutely critical to ensure continued funding of this free service.
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  • Complaints and Compliments:
    We appreciate any constructive feedback. We try to implement all good ideas, as long as it is benefits MME overall. 
  • tiny bannerIf you have any problems or questions please e-mail the MME Administrator, Jennifer Grossenbacher at [email protected]