2016 Train the Trainer Update for Pesticide Educators

Cecil Tharp, MSU Pesticide Education Specialist


The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program is offering a pesticide education train the trainer opportunity April 21st and 22nd at the Holiday Inn (5 East Baxter Lane), Bozeman, MT. Attendees of this program can attain 5 commercial / government recertification credits in the categories of dealer, ag plant pest, ornamental & turf, right-of-way, forest pest, seed treatment, demonstration and research, and regulatory weed pest.

This training includes a large section dedicated to pesticide mode of action and tank mixing. Speakers will discuss important mode of action classes while relating to safety, environmental and/or management implications. Assisting with this are:

  • Dr. Kevin Wanner, MSU Extension Crop Entomologist, covering insecticide mode of action
  • Stephen Vantassel, MDA Vertebrate Pest Specialist, covering rodenticide mode of action
  • Dr. Mary Burrows, MSU Extension Plant Pathologist, covering fungicide mode of action
  • Dr. Fabian Menalled, MSU Crop Weeds Specialist, covering herbicide mode of action
  • Mat Walter, MSU Extension Musselshell Agent, covering tank mixing

Other speakers include Dr. Cecil Tharp (MSU Pesticide Education Specialist) teaching ‘Tips on Teaching Calibration to Farm Applicators’ as well as a session titled ‘Using Technologies when Calibrating Sprayers’; and Patrick Hensleigh (USDA-NRCS Agronomist) teaching educators on using the NRCS WIN-PST pesticide movement tool. See the complete agenda.


This is a pesticide trainer only event, pre-registration is mandatory and seating is limited. Pre-register by emailing Cecil at [email protected] or phone (406) 994-5067 no later than April 19th. There is a $100 fee at the door to cover catering, speaker and other educational expenses. Checks should be written to the MSU Pesticide Education Program.

Further Information

Contact Cecil Tharp, MSU Pesticide Education Specialist (406-994-5067; [email protected]).

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