Dr. Cecil Tharp

Dr. Cecil Tharp

Pesticide Education Specialist

Dr. Cecil Tharp has been the MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist since 2004. Cecil holds degrees in the fields of wildlife biology, entomology and parks and recreation. 

Cecil coordinates MSU PEP while working with 56 county and tribal MSU Extension Agents. He is dedicated to the certification and training of private applicators while assisting general and commercial pesticide applicators.

   Animal Bioscience 215
   (406) 994-5067
   [email protected]
Amy Bowser

Amy Bowser

Pesticide Education Technician

Amy has been the MSU Extension Pesticide Education Technician since 2016. She holds degrees in Environmental Science from MSU and Alaska Pacific University.

Amy helps coordinate the Montana Private Applicator Program, facilitates the PEP website, develops educational materials and helps provide pesticide education.

   Marsh Labs 14
   (406) 994-5178
   [email protected]