2016 Pest Management Tour Offers Last Chance Credit Opportunities for Private Pesticide Applicators Across Eastern Montana

Cecil Tharp, MSU Pesticide Education Specialist


The Montana State University Pesticide Education and Integrated Pest Management Programs are offering the Pest Management Tour (PMT) for private applicators across eastern Montana (Private Applicator Region 4; Figure 1) from October 3rd – 7th. This program is designed to target regions in Montana that are in the final year of the private applicator recertification cycle. Region 4 private applicators must attain six private applicator recertification credits by January 1st, 2017 to re-qualify into the next certification cycle. Region 4 PMT participants include Valley, Daniels, Roosevelt, Sheridan, Richland, McCone, Custer, Fallon, Garfield and Rosebud county MSU Extension offices.

Montana map broken into five P A T districts, listed below

Figure 1. Map of Montana private pesticide applicator training regions.

Private Applicator Training (PAT) Districts

Region 1 Counties

  • Lincoln, Flathead, Sanders, Lake, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli

Region 2 Counties

  • Granite, Powell, Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, Meager, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Jefferson, Beaverhead, Madison, Gallatin, Park

Region 3 Counties

  • Glacier, Toole, Liberty, Hill, Blaine, Pondera, Chouteau, Teton, Cacade

Region 4 Counties

  • Phillips, Valley, Daniels, Sheridan, Roosevelt, Garfield, McCone, Richland, Dawson, Wibaux, Rosebud, Prairie, Treasure, Custer, Fallon, Carter, Custer, Powder River

Region 5 Counties

  • Judith Basin, Fergus, Petroleum, Wheatland, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Sweet Grass, Stillwater, Yellowstone, Carbon, Big Horn


Credits will be offered for private applicators. Private applicators may opt to attend only a morning or afternoon session for 3 private applicator credits; or both for 6 credits. Pesticide applicator credits can be viewed online.


Speakers will deliver presentations on preventing pesticide drift, preventing herbicide carryover, managing cropland insects, management of ground squirrels and Prairie Dogs, managing Narrowleaf Hawksbeard, managing pulse and wheat diseases, water quality and pesticide performance and forage pest management (presentations vary by location). MSU representatives speaking at the tour include Dr. Fabian Menalled (MSU Cropland Weed Specialist), Dr. Jane Mangold (MSU Rangeland Weed Specialist), Dr. Emily Glunk (MSU Forage Specialist), Dr. Kevin Wanner (MSU Crop Insect Specialist), Stephen Vantassel (MDA Vertebrate Pest Specialist), Dr. Mary Burrows (MSU Plant Pathologist) and Dr. Cecil Tharp (MSU Pesticide Education Specialist).

The tour will cover 10 locations in 5 days

October 3rd

  • Glasgow, MT: Cottonwood Inn, Pre-register by September 26th with Valley County Extension, Shelley Mills at (406) 228-6241, $15 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:15 am.
  • Scobey, MT: Extension / Ambulance Training Room, 106 Railroad Ave East; Pre-register by September 26th with Daniels County Extension, Bobbie Roos at (406) 487-2861. $15 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:15 am.

October 4th

  • Plentywood, MT: Sheridan County Civic Center, Pre-register by September 27th with Sheridan County Extension, Colleen Buck (406) 765-3406. $15 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:35 am.
  • Culbertson, MT: Froid Community Center, Pre-register by September 27th with Roosevelt County Extension, Jeff Chilson at (406) 787-5312. $15 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:35 am.

October 5th

  • Sidney, MT: Extension Office, 1499 N. Central Ave, Pre-register by September 28th with Richland County Extension Office, Tim Fine (406) 433-1206. $15 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:15 am.
  • Circle, MT: McCone County Fairgrounds, Pre-register by September 28th with McCone County Extension Office, Ken Nelson, (406)485-2605. $10 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:15 am.

October 6th

  • Miles City, MT: Miles Community College, Room 106, Pre-register by September 29th with Custer County Extension Office, Mike Schuldt (406) 852-3462. $10 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:15 am.
  • Baker, MT: Thee Garage, Pre-register by September 29th with Fallon County Extension Office, Elin Kittelman (406) 778-7110. No fee and lunch on your own, Starts at 8:15 am.

October 7th

  • Jordan, MT: Contact Garfield County Extension Office for exact location. Pre-register by September 30th by contacting Garfield County Extension Office, Eric Miller (406) 346-7320. $10 fee & lunch provided, Starts at 8:00 am.
  • Forsyth, MT: Haugo Center (Riverview Villa Retirement Center; 91 Rosebud Street), Pre- register by September 30th by contacting Rosebud County Extension Office, Melissa Ashley (406) 346-7320. No fee & lunch provided.

Further Information

See the detailed program agenda online and select ‘2016 Pest Management Tour’, or contact your local Extension agent for local information. For any other questions contact Cecil Tharp, Pesticide Education Specialist, at the MSU Pesticide Education Program office (406) 994-5067, [email protected].

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