Last Chance Private Applicator Credit Opportunities offered in North-Western Montana

Cecil Tharp, Montana State University Extension Pesticide Education Specialist


 PAT District county map, outlining 7 northwestern counties (listed below)

Montana private applicators in private applicator training (PAT) district one need 6 private applicator credits prior to the January 1 st , 2019 deadline to avoid losing their private applicator pesticide certification. This includes private applicators in Lincoln, Flathead, Sanders, Lake, Missoula, Mineral and Ravalli counties (Figure 1). Applicators can view their credit information on by selecting ‘pesticide programs’ and ‘pesticide license search’ by entering their license number. The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program (PEP) would like to announce multiple last chance private applicator credit opportunities for applicators in need of credits within or near PAT district 1. Online trainings, or on-site trainings in Havre, Townsend, or Dillon can aid PAT District 1 private applicators in attaining 6 credits prior to the January 1st deadline.

Dates and Locations

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Townsend, MT

  • December 4th
    • 4 private applicator credits. Noxious Weed Management Workshop. 189 Hwy 12 E. For more information and pre-registration contact Allison Kosto at (406-266-9242; [email protected])

Dillon, MT

  • December 10th
    • 1 private applicator credit. Cheatgrass Management in Beaverhead County. 4-H Building, Dillon, MT, 2 South Pacific. For more information and pre-registration contact Amber Burch (406-683-3790; [email protected])

Havre, MT

  • December 18th
    • 4 private applicator credits. Fumigant Training Tour. Northern Agricultural Center, 3710 Assiniboin Road, Havre, MT. For more information and pre-registration contact Amy Bowser (406-994-5178; [email protected])

Online Credits

Private applicators can accumulate up to 2 credits through the online process. Online exams are located by following the instructions under ‘online programs’ and clicking the link provided.


Further Information

Contact your county MSU Extension agent for more information regarding last chance programs, private applicator credits, or applicator renewal letters. For any other Pesticide Education question contact Cecil Tharp, Pesticide Education Specialist, at the MSU Pesticide Safety Education Program office (406-994-5067, [email protected]).

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