Webinars delivered to individuals will be acceptable for credits if:

  1. Attendance must be taken at the initiation and conclusion of the live webinar. This includes taking the name and pesticide license numbers. Individuals desiring credits must document their legal name and license number. This can be accomplished by entering their information into a chat window. 
  2. Attendance must be taken every 30 minutes of online delivery. Acceptable methods of attendance tracking include:
    1. Asking audience members questions relevant to the training. Responses must be documented (e.g. chat window).
    2. Formally take attendance/roll call. Responses must be documented (e.g. chat window). Attendees must participate in all attendance checks in order to receive credits. The purpose for this is to ensure attendees are active participants throughout the entire training. Sponsors need to designate on the attendance record which method of attendance checks was utilized (option A or B). If sponsors elect option A for attendance checks, please provide the list of questions asked with the attendance record.
  3. Sponsors are responsible for tracking attendance during the program. Sponsors must save the training's chat history and submit with the MDA attendance record. Sponsors are responsible for filling out the MDA attendance record in full. A copy of the MDA attendance record will be sent to you upon approval of the training.
  4. Sponsors must submit the training as a webinar using the previously established approval process by the Montana Department of Agriculture. Please visit the MDA Application for Course Approval to submit your training for review. When making your submission, in the field titled "type", select webinar. 

A webinar is considered a live event. A person may not receive credit if he/she did not participate in the live broadcast of the training.