The State of Montana requires all pesticides sold and/or used within the state to be registered with the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) including restricted use pesticides (RUPs) and minimum risk pesticides, among others. During registration of a pesticide the ingredients, particular use, amount, frequency and timing, as well as storage and disposal are evaluated for human health and environmental impacts. The registration process is governed by federal pesticide laws.

FIFRA Registrations

Section 3: US Registration

Section 3 pesticide registrations are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for use throughout the United States under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).  Once registered at the federal level, states and tribes may register the pesticide and place further restrictions on the product within their jurisdiction. Pesticide labels registered under Section 3 can be found on the USEPA Pesticide Product Labeling System webpage. 

For information regarding pesticides registered for use in Montana please navigate to the MDA Pesticide Product Registration Search page or to the Purdue National Pesticide Information Retrieval System. To search pesticide products by pest try

Section 18: Emergency Exemptions

Section 18 registrations are temporary pesticide registrations for emergency pest situations in a specific geographic area. This type of registration is used in agriculture when there is no pesticide available for a specific pest or for public health and quarantine reasons. Current special registrations for Montana can be found on the MDA Special Pesticide Registration page.

Section 24(c): State-Specific Registrations

Section 24(c) pesticides are state-specific pesticides which either are not registered with the USEPA or the state would like to register the pesticide for additional use. These registrations are used when there is an outstanding need for the pesticide within a state. The USEPA may disapprove a state’s Section 24(c) registration. Current special registrations for Montana can be found on the MDA Special Pesticide Registration page.

Section 25(b): Minimum Risk

Section 25(b) of FIFRA describes minimum risk pesticides which are exempt from federal registration. However, these pesticides must still be registered in Montana. More information on minimum risk pesticides can be found on the EPA Minimum Risk webpage.

Alternative Registrations

OMRI Approved Pesticide Products

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) compares materials for use in organic agriculture, including pest controls, against organic standards. OMRI provides lists of approved products for producers to take the guess work out of often confusing organic standards. The OMRI Listed Seal guarantees products for certified organic production, handling and processing when used correctly. A list of acceptable materials can be found on the OMRI website.

EPA Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticides

Conventional pesticides covered under the Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticide Program are expedited through the review and regulatory process due to the reduced risk of the products to human health and the environment. The advantages of reduced risk pesticides include: low impact on human health, decreased toxicity to non-target organisms, decreased chance of groundwater contamination, low application rates, low resistance potential, and compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. A list of products approved for reduced risk use can be found on the EPA's Reduce Risk webpage.


Biopesticides are products made from natural materials and control pests through non-toxic methods. Biopesticides are registered through a special USEPA committee, and often take much less time to be registered Additionally, some biopesticides may be covered under OMRI.  In general, Biopesticides are less toxic, control only the target pest and are effective in small quantities. More information on Biopesticides can be found on the EPA Biopesticide site and a list of biopesticide active ingredients is located on the EPA Biopesticide Active Ingredient site.