Healthful, Heartfelt Homeade Gifts



HeartStir up dry ingredients or whole grain pancakes or waffles. Package in a festive bag (e.g., small burlap or holiday fabric bags with a bright bow). Using a sparkling ribbon, tie a small bottle of maple syrup and a recipe card for the mix to the bag. 

HeartPurchase or prepare your favorite dried soup mix. Place it in an oversized holiday mug surrounded by tissue paper. Attach a soup spoon and a recipe card for whole grain muffins. Wow your friends with this simple, thoughtful, and affordable gift!

HeartAdd zest to someone‚Äôs salad bowl with bottles of olive oil and specialty vinegar (homemade or store bought) in wrapping. Add some fresh herbs or a handmade card with your favorite dressing recipe.

HeartPack a basket with antioxidant-rich foods and beverages: Red wine, olive oil, dark chocolate bar, flaxseeds, almonds, and green tea. Or choose your own theme (healthy kids, smart dorm foods, brain foods for seniors, etc.) and let your creativity go!

HeartPut together a basket of seasonal or specialty fruits and nuts. Check out the new apple varieties, pomegranates, pears, tangerines, and your favorite nuts, such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts.

HeartMake or purchase your favorite fruit jam, jelly, or preserve. Attach a small spreading knife and a tasty muffin recipe to the jar, wrap it in a festive dish towel, and tie with a big holiday bow.


HeartChoose a local restaurant with healthy items on the menu and make a homemade gift certificate for a friend. Promise a lunch date for a special occasion or for anytime they need a lift. Not only will you be giving them a delicious meal, you are also sharing your time - the most precious gift of all.

HeartGive a whole year of healthful enjoyment - a subscription to a cooking magazine, such as Cooking Light or Eating Well. 


HeartWrite (or type) and print 5 to 10 of your favorite family recipes. Then laminate, hole-punch in the upper left-hand corner, and tie together with a big red bow. Sharing easy-to-prepare, good-for-you recipes will make your gift even more special.


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