Agricultural Articles
Staging Small Grains
Plant Variety Protection Act
Camelina Information

Minimum Soil Temp. for Germination of Various Crops & Weeds 

Seeding Pulse Crops
Calculating Seeding Rates

NDAWN Weather Station 
Fertilizer Cost Benefit Analysis Program Helps Make Decisions 
Phosophorus Fertlizers can Increase Pea and Lentil Yield 
Reduce Loss of Ammonia Gas from Urea Fertilizer

Farm Management
Farm Management Software

Projected 2012 Crop Budgets
2004 Custom Farm Rates

2012 Planning Prices


Fire Blight a Concern
Sappy Trees caused by Aphids
Brown Evergreens Common in Spring Months

Blossom-End Rot 
Dutch Elm Disease


Cattle and Trace Mineral Needs
Beef Quality Assurance Certification Online
Shrink in Cattle
Moss and Algae Control in Stock Tanks and Standing Water

When is it Safe to Begin Grazing Alfalfa

Nutrition Reproduction in the Third Trimester Cow 
Branding: Perfect Time to Test for BVD in the Herd 
Cattle Ration Balancing Available Through Extension 


Range Plant ID's
Rangeland Monitoring

Pests and Pesticides

Laundering Pesticide Contaminated Clothing
Alfalfa Weevils, Cutworms and Mosquitoes


Prevent Meth in Roosevelt County

Estate Planning

Insect, Plant and Weed Identification



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