If you would like to be on the agenda or form a committee please use this Action Plan Form. Complete, save as PDF and email to [email protected] at the Extension Office two days before the Council meeting for review.


Meet Your Officers

President: Brian Young 
Vice President: Melissa Robertus
Secretary: Shannon Moore
Treasurer: Meredith Feddes

Council Leaders

 Livestock Committee: Superintendents

Beef: Brent Shay 

Horse: Courtney Thiel
Dog: Nikki Markle
Small Animal: Johanna Kern
Sheep: Wendy Reed
Swine: Mike Baker and Katrina Feddes
Indoor: Tammi Kirch
All Others: Lee Schmelzer

Stillwater County 4-H Leaders’ Council Minutes


Stillwater County 4-H Leaders’ Council Minutes

November 9th, 2022 @ 6pm

 Extension Office


Meeting is called to order by President Brian Young at 6:01pm

Attendance: Brain Young (Stillwater Ranch Hands), Wendy Reed (United Clovers), Stephanie Wright (Johnny’s Buckaroos), Kelsie Marshall (United Clovers), Katrina Feddes (Johnny’s Buckaroos), Tammi Kirch (Beartooth Ramblers), Meredith Feddes (Johnny’s Buckaroos), Melissa Robertus (Park City Wranglers), Jeanna Fry (Park City Wranglers), Shannon Moore (Johnny’s Buckaroos), Melissa Kramer (Johnny’s Buckaroos), Ashley House (United Clovers) via zoom



Ambassadors/Teen Leaders – met Oct 30th, lot of new people joined! Haley is encouraging some of the returning members to step-up as ambassadors. They have elected new officers. They will be having a pumpkin carving contest.


Travel Program - next meeting is Nov 29th, they have a few more wreaths they can sell yet, they will be exploring destinations for 2024


Homemakers – meet monthly, nothing new to report


Old Business:

  • Welcome Dinner – Teen Leaders please be there by 5:30pm for set up, Speakers please arrive by 6pm, will be having pulled pork, will pre-cook at Cobblestone, hoping some more families RSVP for a head count

New Business:

  • By-law clarification – currently each club has 2 leader votes, Ambassadors have 2 votes or if filled by a Teen Leader in their absence they will have 1 vote. Discussion: do we amend the by-laws to still allow for 2 votes per club, 2 votes for Ambassadors and add Superintendents can each have 1 vote, as well as Executive Officers each receiving 1 vote. We will table this topic until the next meeting.
  • County-wide 4-H Community Service Project – Last year Tammi Kirch led a group of 4-Hers in making tie blankets that were distributed in the community. It was a well received and appreciated project so Tammi is offering to again lead the county-wide 4-H community service project and is requesting the 4-H Council to donate the funds necessary to purchase the materials. Tammi moves to have the Council donate the funds needed to purchase, make and distribute 40 tie blankets in our community. Wendy 2nd the motion. Discussion brought about adding a dollar amount to the motion. Wendy moved to amend the original motion to include the council will donate up $15/blanket for 40 blankets. Motion to amend passed. Tammi moved to have the council donated funds up to $15/blanket to purchase materials for 40 blankets. Meredith 2nd, motion passed.
  • Top Buyer banner distribution – banners are ready to be distributed
  • Fair Week Schedule adjustments –
    • Suggestion: move Dog, Woodworking, Welding, Food Projects to Sunday afternoon, with a set up on Saturday to everyone can participate
    • Suggestion: move set up to Saturday morning and then have the Stockgrower Show to Saturday evening
    • Suggestion: flip flop Goat/Lamb with Beef in order to have fewer animals to work into the sale order throughout Friday – Beef Wednesday 9-3:30, Goats/Sheep Fri 8-1
    • Suggestion: put Futurity on Thursday after Swine

                Take back our clubs for discussion on changes

  • Action Plans –
    • Nikki Markle moves to add a division to Dog Project titled Nosework to encourage 4-Hers with dogs who have talents not captured by our other division. It can/will be held the week before Fair so it will not impact the Fair Week schedule. Wendy 2nd the motion. Motion passed
    • Tammi moves to clarify the award for the Nosework class to be a ribbon only class. Melissa 2nd the motion. Motion passed
    • Nikki Markley moves to remove the ribbon only class Jumper from the Dog Division classes. Tammi 2nd the motion. Motion passed.
    • Stephanie motions to adjust the Stillwater County Shooting Sports age divisions to match that of the Montana Shooting Sports Divisions. The Divisions will now be as follows – Class 1: 9-10 years old, Class2: 11-12 years old, Class 3: 13-14 years old, Class 4: 15-19 years old. Tammi 2nd the motion. Motion passed.
    • Melissa Kramer moves to amend/clarify the dress code for Carcass Contest to read Business or Show attire (as interview dress code is stated) and to include closed toed-shoes required. Meredith 2nd the motion. Motion passed.
  • Budget Proposal – the budget outline provided is a basic channel guideline, not set in stone as some adjustments may/will need made. Melissa moved to accept the budget as presented. Wendy 2nd the motion. Motion passed.
  • Fair Book - Market Beef section. Melissa advised they are working to make each section consistent.
  • Meredith motions to have a maximum of 2 tags for Market Beef per exhibitor. Tammi 2nd the motion. Motion passes.


  • Fair Book changes – all major changes need to be presented asap to be voted on by the end of the year.
  • Year End Financial Statements – if your club has not done so, please get them into Haley asap
  • Re-enrollment deadline is November 15th. Makes sure all current members get re-enrolled
  • Club Premium checks should all be passed out to the clubs
  • Read your newsletter for upcoming events and dates
  • Council Lamb Dates:
    • 2023 – Park City Wranglers


  • Next Council meeting will be December 14th @ 6pm

At 8:10pm, Jeanna moved to adjourn the meeting. Stephanie 2nd the motion. Motion passed.