Hello 4-H Families!
We made it through 2022 Marias Fair Fun Time! Thank you to all
that volunteered to help make this year successful!
2022 Sale Averages
Phenomenal sale, a NEW record with even less animals than last
year! Thank you to the bidders, buyers, and community for an
amazing sale.
2022 averages:
Swine: $12.96/lb.
Goat: $23.83/lb.
Lamb: $12.82/lb.
Beef: $6.05/lb.
$602,224 total, new record on just 115 head.
As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can
stop by the office anytime!
Kim & Jackie


4-H Silent Auction Results
Many thanks to the 4-H Clubs and individuals who donated items to the 2022 Silent Auction in the Exhibit
Building. The sale total was $877 and goes to the Sidewalk Project that Breauna Erickson is working on. We
are also very grateful to all the people who generously bid and bought items at the Silent Auction. Thank you

Marias Fair Sidewalk Project 
Breaunna Erickson, of Pondera County, is the recipient of a $500 People Partner grant for her sidewalk
project at the Marias Fairgrounds. Breaunna is in the process of raising funds to add sidewalks to the
fairgrounds . This will allow people with mobility issues, families with strollers and basically everyone to
navigate the 4-H area of the fairgrounds more comfortably.
If you are interested in donating, you can contact the Pondera County Extension Office by calling
406.271.4054, e-mailing [email protected] or by mail at 20 4th Ave SW, Conrad, MT 59425. You can
also help out by donating an item to the annual silent auction held at the Exhibit Building at the fair.

Montana Make It With Wool Contest
The Montana Make It With Wool Contest will be held in person on October 22, 2022. It is hosted
by the American Sheep Industry and only happens once a year. Contestants include sewers,
knitters, crochets, felters, and designs. First place in the Junior and Senior divisions of
participating contest, as well as the At Large Contest, for non participating states, you are invited
to participate in the National Competition.If you would like more information stop by the office and we will give you a brochure.

State Horse Show: September 9-11 at Cottonwood Equine Center in Joliet, MT.
Horse Ambassador Application: Youth 14 and up and riding level 3 or above to apply.
State Horse Essay Contest: Registration on Z-suite. Deadline August 15th
State Horse Photography Contest: Registration on Z-suite. Deadline August 15th

Montana 4-H State Horse Photography Contest
The photo must be taken between the dates of October 1, 2021 and the time of the entry. Photos may
only be submitted once and in only one category. Must be the original work of the 4-H member.
Photography Contest Categories

My 4-H Horse Project- show
The Registration on Z-suite opens on April 20, 2022 and closes on August 15, 2022.

Marias Valley Youth Rodeo Series
Aug 11 & 25
For directions and more information go to
fsbshelbymt.org/ rodeo Bible camp
Email [email protected] or you
could text (406) 470-0712


Here are a list of volunteers that we would like to send a
thank you letter for helping us out at fair!
Here is the link to sign up
Sahm Winkowitsch

Cliff & Helen Wickum
E Adams Ave.
Chester, MT 59522
Hauling steers to Christiaens in Valier

Zeb Engstrom
257 Schafer Rd.
Whitlash, MT 59425
Hauling pigs, sheep & goats to Columbia Falls

½ Mile N Hwy 2 S
Ethridge, MT 59435
Donated use of skid steer

Dean & Carrie Lerum
PO Box 56
Galata, MT 59444
Dean – Ringman for sale
Carrie – helped with weigh-ins

Lynda Fretheim
294 Fretheim Road
Shelby, MT 59474
Fair board member

Linnet Doane
PO Box 184, Shelby, MT 59474
Fair board member

Cody Rohlf
508 6th Ave S., Shelby, MT 59474
Fair board member

Andy Van Haur
13280 HWY 44
Valier, MT 59486
Fair board member, watering down show ring
& horse arena, sale ringman, lined up Starlink
satelite internet, Round Robin judge

Kory Sandon
PO Box 726 Sunburst, MT 59482
Hog superintendent, livestock committee

Sahm Winkowitsch
PO Box 1228
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Exhibit Building Superintendent

Hapi Seewald
250 Landslide Butte
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Glacier Food Booth Day Chair, helped with
livestock judging

Mikayla Jordan Garcia
200 Main St
Shelby, MT 59474
Fair Board Member

Janet Hawks
55 Oilmont Rd
Galata, MT 59444
Helped with weigh- ins, swine Heardsmanship
judge, fair board member

Blaine Suta
1282 Boundary Rd
Cut Bank, MT 59427-9108
Fair board member

Joe and Barb Larsen
57 Larsen Farm Ln, Galata, MT 59444
Help with small animal barn and shows and
herdsmanship judge

Sanna and Delaney Clark
PO Box 295
Shelby, MT 59474
Used old gate panels to hang flowers they
planted by livestock barns

Brandon Greco
138 4th Ave SW
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Food Booth Head Cook, oversaw food booth
and ordering, etc.


Brittany Hotchkiss
PO Box 147 
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Rabbit/Poultry barn superintendent

KSEN/K96 Radio
830 Oilfield Ave., Shelby, MT 59474
Promoted the 4-H sale, events, and shows on
the radio

Golden Triangle Newspapers
19 S. Central, Cut Bank, MT 59427
Promoted the 4-H sale and events in

501 W Main
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Donation of water for sale

Ben Taylor
2122 W Roosevelt Hwy, Shelby, MT 59474
Use of water tanks for livestock and sale drinks

Jeremy Curry
22703 Valier HWY Valier, MT 59486
Coordinating steer slaughter with Christiaens,
lining up feed, etc., livestock committee
president, beef barn superintendent, provided
chute for ultrasounding, hauled extra steers to

Western Livestock Auction
406 Vaughn South Frontage Rd.
Great Falls, MT 59404
Provided scale for weigh-in

Christiaens Meats
506 Montana, Valier, MT 59486
Coordinating steer slaughter and feeding steers
until ready to slaughter

Jeff Flesch
P.O. Box 574, Shelby, MT 59474
Auctioneering sale

Marias Fair Board
P.O. Box 924
Shelby, MT 59474
Wood chips for barn, sound system for shows
and sale, etc.

Ashley Denno
975 Hill Ave Shelby MT 59474
Toole Food Booth Day Chair

Amy Smith
1111 2nd St S
Shelby, MT 59474
Toole Food Booth Day Chair

Shannon and Jadis Scarborough
944 Westwood Ave.,
Shelby, MT 59474
Planted and cared for flowers in front of Seewald barn

Ryan Perry
406 Vaughn S. Frontage Road
Great Falls, MT 59404
Auctioneering livestock sale

Vandevanter Meats
180 Trap Rd
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
Processing of lambs, goats, and swine

Jerry Collins
175 Sun Loop Lane
Great Falls, MT 59404
Coordinated online sale option and clerked sale

Wade and Wyatt Berkram
PO Box 578
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Wyatt - Lined up skids teer for fair and hauled to and from
fair and ran during fair, Wade - livestock committee
member, beef superintendent

Shandi Bradley
229 3rd Ave SW
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Steer herdsmanship judge

Anna Fretheim
658 Telstad Rd
Shelby, MT 59474

Exhibit Building Superintendent
Mary Anderson
310 2nd St SE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Glacier Food Booth Day Chair


Tiffany Barcus
24047 US HWY 2
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Pondera Food Booth Day Chair

Wanda Dwello
213 S. Wisconsin Conrad, MT 59425
Pondera Food Booth Day Chair

Patty DeVries
502 Dugout Road Ledger MT59456
Liberty County Food Booth Day Chair

Carol Fulbright
PO Box 183 Chester MT 59522
Liberty County Food Booth Day Chair

Pat Harmon
4071 MT HWY 223
Chester, MT 59522
Beef Superintendent, livestock committee

Keenan Walter
1081 HWY 214
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Beef Superintendent, livestock committee

Eric Morrisett
PO Box 1314
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Hog superintendent, livestock committee member
Jackie Boyce

138 Us Highway 213 N
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Sheep/Goat superintendent, livestock committee

Stefanie Leach
250 4800 Rd S
Ledger, MT 59456
Sheep/Goat Superintendent, livestock committee

Lance Stokes
PO Box 919
Conrad, MT 59425
Flatbed trailer for sale, load out chute, hog and
sheep barn superintendent, Livestock committee


Travis Clark
PO Box 295
Shelby, MT 59474
Ringman for sale, Round Robin judge.

Katie Emerson
6819 East Lake Road
Valier, MT 59486
Helped with weigh-ins and horse show

Judy Tempel
Box 131
Chester, MT 59522
Helped with weigh-ins and livestock judging contest

Chris Vermulm
3773 Furlough Rd
Conrad, MT 59425
Fair board member

Rachel Brown
81 Luedtke Rd
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Fair board member, helped with livestock judging
contest and Round Robin

Merlin Frydenlund
608 W Marias Fair Rd.
Shelby, MT 59474
Groundskeeper, maintenance, etc. on fairgrounds

Lindsey Habets
16163 Old Shelby Road, Conrad, MT 59425
Created buyer thank you poster and sponsor thank
you poster and did fair promotions on Facebook, etc.
Marias Fair Livestock Committee

PO Box 607, Chester, Montana 59456
coordinates shows, judges, panel changes,
auctioneers, photographers, weigh-ins,
ultrasounding, etc.

Casey Buffington
5439 Broadhurst Road Ledger MT 59456
Lined up pork for pre-sale social and grilled, swine
barn superintendent


Chad Scarborough
944 Westwood Ave.,
Shelby, MT 59474
Horse barn superintendent, Livestock Committee
Vice-President, Horse Committee President, Horse
herdsmanship judge, Horse show announcer

23 N. Central Ave., Cut Bank, MT 59427
Thursday breakfast sponsor and cooked breakfast,
provided grill for pre-sale social

Nutrien Ag
109 8th Ave. NE Building B
Conrad, MT 59425
Friday breakfast sponsor and cooked breakfast


Katelyn Suta
1282 Boundary Rd
Cut Bank, MT
Spearheaded hog holding pen project and

Holden Herefords
3139 Valier Dupuyer Rd, Valier, MT 59486
Supplied feed bunks for steers while they are on
feed at Christiaens until being processed

Two year old Suffolk ewe for Sale
She lambed for the first time in May of this year. She had twin ewe lambs with an average weight of 13
She has excellent maternal instinct and abilities.
For more information or questions please call or text Grace Rooney at 406-845-2227 

Marias Fair 2022 Awards:

Best of Class Exhibits:
Alethea Smith- Sewing and Textiles- Educational Display
Anissa Smith- Sewing and Textiles, Poultry
Grace Hemmer- Sewing and Textiles-Educational Display
Kaley Sandon- Photography

Dylan Clark
Junior Swine Showmanship- 3rd Place
Junior Livestock Judging Individual- 3rd Place
Junior Sheep Showmanship- 3rd Place
Junior Demo/ Illustrated Talk- 1st Place

Clara Blonde
Breeding Swine- Grand Champion
Junior Livestock Judging Individual- 1st Place
Junior Fashion Revue

Grace Hemmer
Pre-Junior Cat Showmanship- 3rd place
Pre-Junior Poultry Showmanship-1st Place
Top Overall Cat Project

Kris Carver
Junior Cat Showmanship- Grand Champion
Overall Cat Showmanship- Reserve

Jagger Flesch
Pre-Junior Beef Showmanship- 1st Place
Overall Beef Showmanship Runner up
Overall Beef Breeding Animal- Reserve

Preslee Flesch
Junior Beef Showmanship- 1st Place
Overall Beef Showmanship- Grand Champion
Angus Influenced (50% or more)
Overall Black Angus influenced
Overall Beef Breeding Animal- Grand Champion
Top Breeding Heifer, Toole County
Top Overall Breeding Heifer, any Breed

Bridger Ergenbright
Pre-Junior Demo/Illustrated Talk Friday

Brinlee Flesch
Most Promising Beginner- Swine

Colter Sandon
Junior Beef Showmanship- 3rd Place

Delaney Clark
Market Beef Grand Champion
Reserve Champion Bred Heifer Project
Senior Demo/ Illustrated Talk- 1st Place
Overall Demo/Illustrated talk- 1st Place

Jadis Scarborough
Junior western Showmanship-3rd Place
Level 3 Western Horsemanship- Grand Champion
Junior Trail- 3rd
Junior Barrels- Grand Champion
Junior Poles- Reserve
Working Ranch Horse Pattern Lv.2- Red
Working Ranch Horse Heading Lv.2- Red
Working Ranch Horse Sorting Lv. 2- Purple
Working Ranch Horse Heeling Lv. 2- Red
Working Ranch Horse Knowledge Lv. 2- Purple

Corin Scarborough
Overall Western Showmanship-3rd Place
Level 1 Western Horsemanship- 3rd Place
Junior Trail- Reserve
Junior Poles- Grand Champion
Working Ranch Horse Pattern Lv.2- Blue
Working Ranch Horse Heading Lv.2- Blue
Working Ranch Horse Sorting Lv. 2- Blue
Working Ranch Horse Heeling Lv. 2- Purple
Working Ranch Horse Knowledge Lv. 2- Red

Alethea Smith
Hen or Pullet- Reserve
Junior Poultry Showmanship- 1st Place
Overall Poultry Showmanship- Reserve
3rd Place High Point Overall

Anissa Smith
Pre-Junior Poultry Showmanship- 2nd Place
Pre-Junior Fashion Revue
High Point-Toole County
2nd Place High Point Overall

Avalyn Smith
Junior Poultry Showmanship- 3rd Place
4th Place High Point Overall

Kaley Sandon
Livestock Judging Team Pre-Junior- 2nd Place


Clara Blonde, Dylan Clark, Colter Sandon
Junior Livestock Judging Team- 2nd Place

Top Interviews:
Alethea Smith- Robotics
Clara Blonde- Sewing and Textiles, Swine
Corin Scarborough- Robotics
Dylan Clark- Swine
Paxton Flesch- Photography


3rd- Office Closed, Carcass Awards 7 PM Webex
4th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park
7th- Blazing Saddles Meeting @ MRE @2pm
11th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park
18th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park
25th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park

1st- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park
5th- Office Closed- Labor day
8th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park
15th- Farmers Market 4-6pm @ City Park