Hello 4-H Families!
Registration is now open on the Z-Suite website!
The last day to sign up on Z-Suite is November 16th. The council
will pay for books if we order them before Nov. 16th. We will be
asking families to purchase their own books after that date.
Thank you to those who attended the Achievement Day Awards
Banquet. Thank you for making it a success. We had so much fun
celebrating our youth members. Please let us know if you have any
suggestions at all for next year.
It is that time of year for weigh ins for the steers! Information on
dates is included in this email and we will send out several
There are various committees that parents can join, such as, the
livestock committee, small animal committee, horse committee,
exhibit building committee and the food booth committee. Please
let us know if you would like to be on one of these committees.
As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can
stop by the office anytime!
Have a great November!
Kim & Jackie

Toole County 4-H Due Date is November 16th, 2022.
4-H dues are charged to cover insurance and materials cost. In the past, the club has collected dues from the
members and then the club paid the 4-H Council. This has been somewhat a cumbersome process. One of
the features of our new online registration program is that we can now collect dues online with a credit or
debit card. Families may still pay with check or cash, but must bring it to the office in a timely manner.
Members will not be considered registered unless their dues are paid. Club members are required to pay
dues by November 16 to participate in 4-H activities and be covered by insurance. Project materials will not
be ordered for members until their dues are paid.

4-H Volunteer Orientation Instructions
1. Log into your Z-Suite Account
2. Select the profile of the volunteer that is taking the course.
3. Click on Clover Academy from the menu on the left.
4. Click on the blue box “Launch Clover Academy”.
5. You will be taken to the Clover Academy website.
6. Scroll down to find the Montana 4-H Orientation course. Click on “Enroll Now”.
7. On the course page you will see an overview of the course. Scroll down to see the four modules that
make up the orientation. Click the blue box “See More” under module one.
8. Follow the instructions to navigate the course.
9. When you get to the end of the module, (Slide will say you completed module). Scroll down and click on
the blue box “Mark as Complete”. Box will turn blue once you have completed the module.
10. Select the next lesson to load the next module. Your progress will be saved and you can return later
to complete the remaining modules.
All returning volunteers will have until September 30, 2023, to complete the training and will not be
allowed to enroll for the 2023-2024 4-H year until the orientation is completed. All new volunteers must
complete the orientation before being turned active in Z-Suite.

Marias Fair Sidewalk Project
Breaunna Erickson, of Pondera County, is the recipient of a $500 People Partner grant for her sidewalk
project at the Marias Fairgrounds. Breaunna is in the process of raising funds to add sidewalks to the
fairgrounds . This will allow people with mobility issues, families with strollers and basically everyone to
navigate the 4-H area of the fairgrounds more comfortably.
If you are interested in donating, you can contact the Pondera County Extension Office by calling 406-271-
4054, e-mailing [email protected] or by mail at 20 4th Ave SW, Conrad, MT 59425.

Fair Survey
Local MSU Extension and the Marias Fair board is seeking your input on potentially moving the Marias Fair
to the end of June long-term.
If fair was to remain the 3rd week of July, the chances of having a carnival again are extremely minimal due
to scheduling conflicts with larger fairs. A fair the end of June would greatly increase the chances of a carnival
and hopefully minimize other conflicts as well.
We would greatly appreciate your anonymous feedback via the online survey at
https://montana.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eV4XEpBhXaEaKGy on the proposed change. Please complete
this by November 30, 2022.

Steer Weigh Ins:
We will be weighing and tagging your steers on the following dates:
November 25th at 3 PM at Simmes Ranch
November 26th at 10 AM at the Flesch Sale Barn
If those dates do not work for you due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, please let Kim know and if needed, we
will weigh all others on December 4th. The due date for weights and tags is December 4th.

Livestock Committee Updates:
The deadline for pig weigh ins and breeding information is April 16th.
The deadline for sheep and goats is May 4th.
The committee doesn't want to be in charge of the Pre-Sale Social. They are wondering if a club wants to
take it over or rotate through the years. Maybe a 4-Her could take that on as their teen leadership project.

Small Ag/Small Animal Committee Updates
Next year at the fair, the committee will be reinforcing the herdsmanship rules more closely. We had too
many animals without water during the 90 degree heat. Some fundraising opportunities were discussed. We
will be doing a chicken bingo to fundraise for a future barn projects. We talked about potentially doing a
small animal jackpot show up in the north part of the state since they are doing one in Billings on November

Leadership Academy
Members 12+, 4-H Age
Join the Montana 4-H Leadership Academy workshop on Sunday afternoons in 2022/2023. The Leadership
Academy is a network of Montana 4-H members interested in exploring and developing their own leadership
skills while serving their county 4-H program in new ways.

These workshops provide local county leadership groups an opportunity to join (virtually) with groups from
around the state as well as the Montana 4-H Ambassador Officer team, to work on skill building, planning
and mentorship.

Each month the officer team will present a different workshop topic that they have found to be important as
they have grown their own leadership abilities. This workshop should be paired with a local county
leadership meeting to work on county projects that serve the local 4-H program and community.
County Leadership groups should plan to meet face to face whenever possible and engage in the virtual
state wide workshop together.

This time can be viewed as a leadership club meeting. County ambassadors can aid in planning and
facilitating these local workshop meetings. The following agenda is currently being planned. All workshops
are Sunday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00. Zoom links for each workshop session will be emailed to county
extension offices and can be shared locally.
Visit the webpage for complete descriptions:
To receive the zoom meeting link and info for this workshop series please complete the short registration by
clicking the "Register Now" on the montana4h.org page. Once the form is complete an email containing the
zoom meeting link for all five workshops will be sent automatically.

November 20, 2022 (online only)
December 11, 2022
January 8, 2023
February 5, 2023
March 5, 2023


Legislative Breakfast
The Legislative Breakfast provides an opportunity to educate Montana legislators about the work and
success of 4-H in the state. It brings together youth and adult constituents from across Montana to share
stories of achievement drawn from their 4-H experiences. The breakfast also reinforces the vital role of the
MSU Cooperative Extension Service budget, which supports 4-H in Montana communities. Legislative
Breakfast will be held the morning of January 17th with a preparatory dinner on the evening of January 16th.
Registration is due January 6, 2023. Register on Z-Suite. Please let Kim know if you are interested.


Z-Suite Enrollment for 2022-2023
Montana 4-H is using the Z-Suite platform for enrollment. Z-Suite also provides a record book platform
where members can work on books via a mobile device, leaders can check books remotely, etc. A reenrolling family should follow the following steps to access their record and set up their Z-Suite account on
or after October 1. This can be done on a computer or mobile device. Families will also be able to pay
registration fees online instead of paying the clubs and the clubs paying the 4-H Council!

For Re-Enrolling Families

Using your computer, smart phone or other device go to 4h.zsuite.org.
Click Sign Up. Complete all of the fields. Use the FAMILY email address from 4honline as the ADULT
EMAIL to connect your previous enrollment with ZSUITE. If you are not sure what your "family email" is
contact your MSU Extension office and they can tell you. Click LET'S GO.
Arrive at your HOUSEHOLD DASHBOARD. Click on the name of the family member you want to reenroll, click on the blue "start enrollment" button and follow the steps.
Complete/Update the personal information, waivers, club and projects and hit SUBMIT.

For New 4-H Families

Using your computer, smart phone or other device go to 4h.zsuite.org.
Click Sign Up. Complete all of the fields. Click LET'S GO.
Arrive at your HOUSEHOLD DASHBOARD and begin adding family members. Click on the name of the
family member you want to enroll, click on the blue "start enrollment" button and follow the steps.
Complete the personal information, waivers, club and projects and hit SUBMIT. Note: Counties may
have an additional payment step.

Paying for Enrollments
If there is a payment required after you click "Add to Cart" you will go to the payment screen or cart and
have the option to do one of the following:

Check out using a Credit Card. *Not available in all counties.
Click "+ Add Enrollment" to return to the dashboard and begin enrollment of another member or
volunteer. You can return to the cart after all enrollments have been completed and pay all at once by
clicking the blue "$ Pay for Enrollments" button on the household dashboard at the bottom of the
household member list.
Click "Submit and Pay Later in Person". This is your option to pay with cash or check to the county office.


Project Age Requirements - Here is something to keep in mind when registering! You must meet the
minimum required age by October 1, 2022 in order to enroll in each project.

Cloverbuds - 5 years old
Regular 4-H - 8 years old
Shooting Sports - 9 years old
Colt to Maturity - 11 years old and have completed Horsemanship Levels 1, 2, and 3

Market Beef & Beef Breeding - 10 years old
Teen Leadership - 13 years old
State Ambassador - 14 years old


Swine-Clara Blonde, Dylan Clark, Brinlee Flesch
Sewing-Clara Blonde, Grace Hemmer, Anissa Smith
Beef-Delaney Clark, Jagger Flesch, Preslee Flesch,
Cade Hanson
Outdoor Adventures- Paxton Flesch
Entomology- Sam Flesch
Robotics-EV3- Grace Hemmer
Poultry- Alethea Smith, Grace Hemmer
Cat- Grace Hemmer
Archery- Avalyn Smith, Morgan Riphenburg
Photography- Kaley Sandon
1st Year Hadley Ergenbright, Laura Flesch, Celee
Flesch, Lennon Flesch, Wylie Frydenlund, Morgan
McLean, Matthew McLean, Brogan Preuss, Colin
Riphenburg, Malcolm Russell,Gilbert Salois, Grayson
Salois, Carlie Sisk, Ambree Smith, Orion Vetch
2nd Year Aubree Clark, Donnie Calendrino, Liliana
Denno, Gavin Gardiner
3rd Year Layla Blonde, Moira Hemmer
Community Service- Parker Berthelote, Clara
Blonde, Delaney Clark, Corin Scarborough, Jadis
Leadership- Clara Blonde, Delaney Clark, Cade
Hanson, Josh Kearns, Avalyn Smith
4-H Achievement- Clara Blonde, Delaney Clark,
Cade Hanson, Grace Hemmer
CLOVER ACHIEVEMENT- Parker Berthelote, Kaylee
Berthelote, Josh Kearns, Conlan Kerfoot
EMERALD ACHIEVEMENT- W Denno, Rowen Russell,
Morgan Riphenburg, Paxton Flesch, Sam Flesch,
Kaley Sandon, Breckynn Kempf, Kris Carver, Alethea
Smith, Avalyn Smith, Anissa Smith, Jadis
Scarborough, Corin Scarborough, Colter Sandon
BRONZE ACHIEVEMENT- Kacey Wipf, Preslee Flesch,
Grace Hemmer, Jagger Flesch
GOLD ACHIEVEMENT- Delaney Clark, Dylan Clark,
Cade Hanson

7 Year Pen Set- Corin Scarborough, Dylan Clark, Clara
Blonde, Jadis Scarborough, Josh Kearns, Cael Blevins
Top Honors
“U R AWESOME” Clara Blonde
West Butte
LEADER OF THE YEAR- Brent Hanson, Ashely Denno
Robyn Kimmet- TLC Catering
Tawna Hanson, Nanna Flesch
Steer of Merit- Josh Kearns, Conlan Kerfoot, Kolby
Symbol of Excellence (Swine) Clara Blonde,
Bridger Ergenbright, Brinlee Flesch, Kaley Sandon,
Paxton Flesch
Certified Lamb Dylan Clark

1st- 1st & 2nd year Robotics @ Extension Office 3:30-5pm
2nd- Cloverbud Robotics 3:30-5pm @ New Life Community Church
3rd- 8-11 years old Robotics 3:30-5pm @ Extension Office
6th - Air Rifle & Pistol Sign Ups from 12-3pm @ Shooting Range
6th- Achievement Day @ Sunburst Community Center @ 5pm
6th- Kountry Kids Meeting @ Exhibit Building 3pm
8th - Office Closed- Election Day
11th - Office Closed- Veteran's Day
15th- 1st & 2nd year Robotics 3:30-5pm @ Extension Office
16th- Cloverbud Project Book 3:30-5pm @ New Life Community Church
17th- 8-11 year old Robotics 3:30-5pm @ Extension Office
20th- 3rd-5th year Robotics 2-5pm @ Extension Office
24th - Office Closed- Thanksgiving
25th- Office Closed


1st- Robotics 8-11 years old @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
6th- Robotics EV3 1st & 2nd year @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
7th- Cloverbud Robotics @ New Life Community Church 3:30-
15th- Robotics EV3 8-11 years old @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
18th- EV3 3rd- 5th year @ Courthouse 2-5pm
20th- Robotics EV3 1st & 2nd Year @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
21st- Cloverbud Project Book @ New Life Community Church
25th- Merry Christmas
26th- Office Closed