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Welcome to Montana’s first statewide stress management resource, designed specifically for agriculture producers. We are here for farmers, ranchers, and their families and loved ones. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to help you manage your stress and fine tune your mental health. Please use the site to discover local, state and national resources that will help ease any burden that you, or a loved one, might be experiencing.

Please visit these links for assistance with Finance and Money, Nutrition and Cooking, Health Issues, Family, Substance Use/Misuse, and Suicide Prevention

Apply for a mini-grant to bring mental wellness assistance to your community through WRASAP, FRSAN MT, or SARE.  

The Need

Caring for a farm or agri-business is hard work. Farmers and ranchers tackle the essentials of caring for and managing animals, crops, and employees every day. At the same time, ag producers often deal with work-related family dynamics, climate and seasonal issues, or financial stressors, such as changing commodity prices. MSU Extension has sought input from agricultural organizations, educators, health professionals and local Montana farmers and ranchers to identify the specific situations causing stress, and to put together a set of tools to help our Montana agricultural community better manage and cope with the stressors they might be experiencing. Our aim is to provide helpful information to farmers and ranchers, rural or subsistence farmers, in addition to their family members and loved ones. Please use this site to identify the circumstances that cause stress in your daily life (sometimes called “stressors”), measure your stress, learn more about how to manage your stress, and get connected with resources if you are in need of individualized assistance. If you have any additional or specific questions, please use the “contact an expert” form below.


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What is Stress?

Learn what stress is and how it can affect your body and mind. 


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Measure Your Stress

Take this short quiz to see how stressed you really are. 

Manage your stress

Manage Your Stress

Simple, effective ways to keep stress from overwhelming you.

Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

Clear explanations of mental health and why caring for it should be part of your daily wellness routine.

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Learn More About Your Stressors

Identify what types of stressors are impacting you and how/where to get assistance.

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Help a Friend or Family Member

Resources to help you help those you love and care for.

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About This Project

Learn more about the MT Ag Producers Stress Resource Clearinghouse Project.

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Ag Producer Stress in the News

Articles from around the country that touch on subjects related to Ag Producer Stress. 



 Get Help Now Button     Get Assistance as You Need It


(all are FREE and confidential)

National Lifeline
24-Hour Suicide Help Line:

800-273-8255 or Dial 988
800-628-9454 Spanish
800-799-4889 TTY

Montana Crisis Recovery Line

10am-10pm only

 Prescription Opioid Help Line: 



*As of April 2021, hotline hours will be
Monday through Friday, 6am- 7pm Pacific Standard Time.
If you want to connect with a hotline
staff outside of hotline hours, please fill out a form here


 National Suicide Hotline: 
text your zip code to 898211 

Montana Crisis Line: 
Text "MT" to 741741


Frontier Care Psychiatry

Beyond the Weather: Free Counseling Access for Montana Ag
Call 406-200-8471, press 7 to learn more
Visit this webpage for more information .

Western Montana Mental Health Center

Online/phone therapy from your home
call 556-6500 to schedule

Human Development Clinic- MSU

Telehealth counseling services for
individuals living across Montana.

Please call (406) 994-4113 to make an
appointment and/or for questions.
You may also visit their website at: 

Ponderosa Counseling and Therapeutic Services, LLC

Offers in-person and telehealth counsling services
(also available after hours and via phone or text)
Kyle Jacobsen, LCSW
119½ W. Park Ave. Suite 5, Livingston, MT.
(406) 640-3242

Summit Therapy Center PC 

Offers in-person and telehealth counseling services (Spanish & English) 
at 547 South 20th Street W, Suite 5, Billings MT. 
Visit their Facebook Page Call 406-272-2606

Realization Therapy 

Holistic Mental Health Counseling 
101 E. Broadway St. Ste 409, Missoula MT.
Visit their website realizationtherapy.com Call 406-360-8537 or 406-215-9003

Amanda Beedy Morrison, LCPC, LAC, NCC, LLC

Certified in EMDR
Telehealth Counseling Services for individual adults across Montana
Please email me to set up an initial phone consultation:
[email protected]
For more information on my theoretical orientation and insurances please visit:

Amanda Beedy Morrison Psychology Today Page


COVID-19 Resources

Research based tools and information to help during this pandemic.  View the webpages here. 

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This website is a work in progress.  We will be adding resources and updating information as it becomes available and is vetted by our advisory council. 
Please check back regularly for more information.  


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