This page is intended to assist Club Leaders and Family Fun Night Club Representatives with planning, organizing and running the club's ticket sales and game booth. All of the forms listed below were included in the packets that were distributed at the initial meeting on Sept 22nd. If you would prefer the forms on this page are fillable. If you have any questions about schedules, procedures or completing forms please contact our office. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9th @ 6pm in the 4-H Building. Money for tickets sold and any remaining tickets should be turned in at that time. 

Event Schedule

Club Representative Responsibilities

Ticket Book Procedure & Signout Sheet

Top Ticket Sellers

Member Non-Participation

Dime Toss/Cakes & Pies

Building Cleanup

Booth Chairman Responsibilities

Floor Plan

Club Booth Procedure

Booth Prize Inventory

Booth Judging Score Sheet