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  • Montana ABLE Accounts:  Achieving a Better Life Experience (MT201809HR) (2021) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was enacted by the Montana Legislature in response to the United States Congress passing an act by the same name. An ABLE account is a savings account allowing persons with disabilities to save money without losing their SSI or Medicaid benefits.

  • Check Register Tracking System (EB 50) Order now (2002)  Free of charge
    MSU Extension's most popular item! This special booklet fits inside your checkbook. Detailed instructions explain how to transform your own ordinary checkbook into a handy budgeting tool. (2018)

  • Check Register Description: Using a Check Register to Track Your Expenses. (MT198703HR) (2018)  (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible)  [Order Online]
    Explains how to transform your own check register into a handy budgeting tool that can be used to track your cash, credit and debit card expenses.

  • Developing a Spending Plan.  (MT199703HR) (2018) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    A spending plan helps reduce the need for consumer credit, save for things wanted and live within income. This MontGuide with worksheets will help you balance your income and expenses so that money is available for the things your family needs most.

  • Helping Friends Cope with Financial Crisis. (MT200206HR) (2019) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    Understanding how to reach out to a friend experiencing a financial crisis can help you assist them during their time of need.  Knowing what resources are available can prepare you to help your friend and being aware of signs of depression can alert you to a friend's need for professional help.

  • Schedule of Non-Monthly Family Living Expenses. (MT198910HR) (2017) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    Your monthly budget may seem lower than it really is if you forget to include annual or periodical expenses such as insurance, property taxes, or holiday gifts. This MontGuide includes instructions and a worksheet for establishing the true cost of your family's non-monthly living expenses.

  • Using a Homestead Declaration to Protect Your Home from Creditors. (MT199815HR) (2018) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]  By signing a legal document known as a homestead declaration, you can protect up to $250,000 in value of your home against creditors' claims. 
    • Declaration of Homestead Form (PDF)
    • Declaration of Homestead Abandonment (PDF)