Robot Game Scores

For Robot Game Scores, including team ranking and individual round scores, download the results as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Championship Awards

Volunteer of the Year

Haley Kettler

Coach/Mentor of the Year

Megan Maxwell

Innovative Solutions Award
Runner Up: 55381 Lockwood Middle #1
First Place: 17266 Carbon Crusades Missoula

Robot Design
Runner Up: 6716 Pedex Preaks Fort Benton
First Place: 28315  Cargonauts Helena

Robot Performance
Runner Up: With a high score of 380, 28682 Timberwolves from Billings
First Place: With a high score of 400, 7811 Us Froggies Live Long Missoula

Core Values Award
Runner Up: 14231 Master of Robotics Ronan
First Place: 55372  Lockwood Middle School #2 

Champions Award

Runner Up: 1437 Lightening Commando Squad Frenchtown
First Place: 38036 Mechanical Maniacs Missoula