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Reference Position ARP (Antenna Reference Point)

  • Note: this is the position stored in the base files
  • Based on NAD83 (2011)
  • Latitude: 45º 39' 40.37689" N
  • Longitude: 111º 02' 42.00898" W
  • Ellipsoid. ht: 1495.496 m
  • Geoid ht (GEOID12): -10.89 m


  • Trimble NetR9 w/Zephyr Geodetic 2 antenna
  • TDL 450 radio

Data Parameters

  • Elevation mask 0°
  • PDOP mask 99
  • Logging interval 5 s
  • Rollover period: 1 hour
  • Antenna ht: 0 m
  • Station name MTSU
  • RTK radio operating in narrowband (12.5 kHz)
  • Radio transmitting RTCMv3.x corrections
  • Station ID 22
  • Broadcast frequency: 461.300 mHz
  • Corrections available over internet at
    • Type: TCP/IP, Port: 5017, Output: RT27(1Hz)
    • Type, TCP/IP, Port: 5018, Output: CMRx
    • Type: TCP/IP, Port: 5019, Output: RTCM_V3

Update 01/16/2019:                                                                                                                                                                  1.  The radio is now broadcasting RTCMv3.x which is supported by ALL manufactures on the same frequency that was broadcasting CMR+. The radio was broadcasting CMR+ which is a very outdated and legacy format. CMRx is the latest format but that would limit the MSU Reference Station to only supporting Trimble Receivers. This change in format was the most neutral format for all users of the reference station.                                            2. The Internet corrections ports and broadcast formats were changed to support ALL manufactures. PORT 5018 is now broadcasting CMRx which is used by Trimble receivers and is the best Data/SV packet in the industry. Port 5019 is now broadcasting RTCM v.3 which ALL manufactures support even Trimble.

Availability of base files

  • Base files are available from NGS and through Trimble Pathfinder Office software
  • Base station files are also available from our FTP site (see link in TOC at left)

Note: This is the official NGS position. After our September 2012 upgrade, NGS will re-calculate our coordinates - if there is a change, new coordinates will be published.

You can view the NGS data sheet at -enter mtsu for the site ID, then click Coordinates.