NetRS Receiver

RINEX files are available for download. The link below has been tested and works in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Once you connect, drill down until you find the files you need.

ftp://gpsguest:[email protected]

Note: If you are using Pathfinder Office software, you can retrieve base files from the Differential Correction utility via the Internet. Be sure to update the base provider list and then select one of the two entries for CORS, BOZEMAN (MTSU), MONTANA. Both entries have ITRF 2000 coordinates, however, the NEW entry derives its ITRF00 coordinates from IGS08 (a more updated reference frame). The difference between the two frames in only a few centimeters at our site. Please see the Trimble Support Note that explains the coordinate differences. If you are unable to correct your data via the Pathfinder Office Internet search, you may download base files from our FTP site. Save the files in your project base folder and run the differential correction using a folder search rather than an Internet search. Make sure you choose "Use reference position from base files."

Data Storage:

Data files are normally available online for at least 28 days, after which they will be deleted. Data are not archived prior to deletion and are therefore unrecoverable. Users are encouraged to download data as soon as possible.

File Naming:

Each file is named using a MTSUDOYS.DAT format. MTSU is the station ID, DOY is the day of year, S is the hour of the day (A through X) based on GPS time (not local time).

Important note:

Unless the system is experiencing technical difficulties, the last file listed should contain data for the most recent complete GMT hour and the current date. Because your computer may cache and then display an earlier version of the window, it may not show the most recent files available. If the file you seek is more recent than the bottom file in the "ftp" window, the listing can be updated by refreshing the window.

Site Details

Datum: NAD 83 (2011)
Latitude: 45° 39' 40.37689" N
Longitude: 111° 02' 42.00898" W
Height: 1495.496 m
Elevation Mask: 0°
Logging Interval: 5 s
Rollover period: 1 hour
Antenna ht: 0 m
Data collected with Trimble
NetR9 GPS receiver




Note: this is the official NGS position.