PLEASE NOTE: Due to the termination of COVID-19 funding from the Federal and State government, drive-through/walk-through testing is no longer available through MSU Student Health Services. Students are strongly encouraged to have and use at-home antigen-based test kits. These may be purchased at many pharmacies (including the MSU Student Health Partners pharmacy in Swingle).


MSU's COVID-19 Self-Checker can help students determine whether testing may be appropriate.

Learn more about the symptoms of COVID-19.

Test results

If you have tested positive on an at-home test kit, visit Gallatin County's website for guidance and to report your result.

Other testing resources, including PCR-based tests:

Community COVID-19 testing resources are available through the Gallatin City-County Health Department website.

Travel testing

COVID-19 travel testing is not offered at the MSU Student Testing Center, but may be obtained at Bozeman Healthby following the instructions at this link:

Please Note
When seeking testing, please be sure to list your local address, even if it is a residence hall room, and not an address outside of Gallatin County or the state. This helps the Gallatin City-County Health Department quickly identify close contacts.

You've been tested. What comes next?

It may take some time for your test results to come back. What do you do in the meantime? What preparations can you make?


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Guidelines for students on quarantine and isolation.
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Answers to students' frequently asked questions on quarantine and isolation.


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Information on emotional, financial, and academic support.



Last Updated: September 15, 2023