Dr. Gao joined the Montana State ECE faculty in August of 2002. He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, in December of 2001. Gao' research and teaching interests are in the area of electric machines, advanced motor drives, power electronics, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and renewable source power systems. 

Prior to coming to MSU, Dr. Gao worked as an research associate in Electrical Engineering Department at Texas A&M University from January 2002 to July 2002. He also has five years industry experience in design of soft-switched power supplies and power factor correction circuits. 

Dr. Gao received his MS and BS from Tshinghua University, Beijing, China in 1993 and 1990, respectively. He has published numerous papers in the area of motor temperature estimatioin, sensorless motor drives, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and power converters for fuel cell power systems. Dr. Gao is a senior member of IEEE and a member of IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Power Electronics Society, and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.