Current Students

David Sherwin

David Sherwin is an M.S. candidate. David is developing a high performance load sharing control strategy for modularly designed DC/AC inverters in large-scale fuel cell power systems. 

Kyle Sternberg

Kyle Sternberg is an M.S. candidate. Kyle is developing soft-switched DC/DC converters for fuel cell power systems and laser testing instruments. 

Russell Crosier

Russell Crosier is an M.S. candidate. Russell is developing a rapid reference current identification method for STATCOMs to improve the compensation performane of the STATCOMs. 

Yan Yang

Yan Yang is an M.S. candidate. Yan is developing sensorless control schemes for Permanent Magent Motor Drives that can run the motors with high performance at both low and high speed. 

Gabriel Guillen

Gabriel Guillen is a B.S. candidate. Gabriel is developing a microbial fuel cell-powered sensing system to monitor water quality near highways. 

Prospective Students

If you are interested in pursuing graduate work at MSU, the first step is to apply for admission to the graduate program. Instructions on the application process can be found at