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Herrick Hall



105 Herrick Hall
S. 7th and Cleveland Streets
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT  59717-3540
406 994-5010

The MSU Child Development Center is a community that honors and respects children, families, and educators for their diversity, curiosity, and humanity.  We inspire and celebrate well-being in a dynamic, engaging, and playful learning environment.




The MSU Child Development Center is the laboratory preschool of the Early Childhood Education & Child Services academic program at Montana State University. 

The MSU Child Development Center is Montana's first preschool and has been continuously operating since the 1920s.  The preschool is licensed by the State of Montana and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC accredited early childhood programs are the top tier in early childhood education, representing less than 10% of all preschools nationwide.

The preschool serves a diverse group of families, both on and off campus, with the primary goal of providing a quality early childhood education program for children ages 3 - 5.   Affiliation with MSU is not required for children to be enrolled in the preschool.

The preschool is a university laboratory site for research and learning used by MSU students, faculty, and community members. The preschool is the primary field placement site for all MSU Early Childhood Education and Child Services (ECE&CS) students and is also used by Elementary Education students pursuing the Early Childhood Special Permissive Competency teaching endorsement.   Ongoing projects include well-being groups facilitated by the graduate counseling students, nutrition education provided by interns with the Montana Dietetic Internship (MDI), physical activity experiences led by Performance Kids, and engagement with the arts through a weekly music class.

The MSU Child Development Center is an integral part of the university and maintains a learning, discovery, and engagement mission consistent with the land-grant mission of Montana State University.


The MSU Child Development Center is a quality early education center for preschool-aged children and their families in our community.  We recognize the unique needs and opportunities for learning among every member of our preschool community and provide many opportunities for children, families, educators, and students to learn and grow.  The preschool is an inclusive setting for children and their families from diverse cultures, lifestyles, and abilities, including special needs.

Research and creative activities take place at the MSU Child Development Center in various collaborative disciplines, including early childhood education, food and nutrition, counseling, nursing, and educational technology.  The preschool is a model of best practice for the Montana early childhood profession.

The MSU Child Development Center works in close partnership with our local community to enhance the well-being of children, families, educators and students in our program.  Connections to county, state, and national organizations further enhance the rich experience of our preschool and ECE&CS academic program.


To learn more about our preschool program please contact the Child Development Center at 994-5010.  Interested in working at the CDC?  Apply here!


Kelly Shuey

Kelly Bard Shuey

Interim Managing Director, Lead Teacher

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406 994.3301

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Laura Hillier

Lead Teacher

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406 994-5010

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Interested in working at the CDC?  Apply here!